With FanHero, Celebrities Can Tap Data Science for Marketing


FanHero 2.0, a monetization and media platform for brands and celebrities, provides real-time analytics and business intelligence.

FanHero, which provides a monetization and media platform for brands and celebrities, has announced the launch of FanHero 2.0, a new and improved platform.

According to FanHero, the platform provides a white-label mobile app that allows celebrities to reach 100 percent of their desired audience. It also provides PR and content strategy support and business intelligence.

Currently over 100 celebrities are signed on with FanHero with a combined reach of over 100 million followers. That is expected to rise to 370 million by the end of the year, FanHero stated.

“Notables on the FanHero platform include 100+ Fortune 100 companies, A-list recording & sports stars including: Warner Music Group, NBA star Leandro Barbosa, Brazil’s #1 professional soccer team Corinthias, Florida Cup, MLS Orlando City Soccer, world swimming federation FINA, and countless other global stars,” the company said in its release.

The platform gives celebrities complete control over their data and offers revenue and sponsorship opportunities. There is no cost to them, app development and account management are free, and the platform allows celebrities to gain deep knowledge of the behavioral patterns of their fans for valuable insights that can be used for new releases and product launches.

Key features include the app, the SideKick companion that allows account and mobile presence management from anywhere including real-time analytics, and advanced intelligence, which uses real-time data to monitor engagement. The app offers live streaming, a live content stream that fans can connect with the celebrity and each other on, and photo collection areas. The app also offers in-app purchases and FanHero data science which gives access to predictive analytics for fan engagement.

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