WISeKey Announces Plans to Develop IoT-based Early Warning System For Virus Outbreaks


The company claims its Foresight IoT technology can help mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

IoT and cybersecurity company WISeKey announced plans to develop an IoT-based early warning system (EWS) in collaboration with other global technology organizations to facilitate the early detection of viruses and future outbreaks.

Enhancing & Strengthening EWS

Many technologies, including an IoT network of interconnected systems can work together to create an EWS designed to reduce the spread of infectious disease. These technologies also leverage advances in AI, analytics, connectivity, and digital certification. EWS benefits from improved interoperability, sensor and data plug-and-play, and orchestration.

WISeKey has equipped its IoT sensors with the WIShelter app, which measures temperature and geolocates targeted quarantine areas. The company claims its Foresight technology can contribute to slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Protecting Data

Cities, governments, and businesses could create and use a global sensor network that uses individual behaviors and anonymized digital identities to detect virus spread. To do so requires standardization, trust, security, planning, global implementation — and an emphasis on privacy.

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IoT services and devices generate enormous amounts of valuable data. IoT security requires additional advanced security to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

WISeKey will use AI, IoT, and blockchain to deploy large scale digital ecosystems for people and objects. The company’s IoT boasts an install base of over 1.5 billion microchips in almost all IoT sectors including agriculture, smart cities, connected cars, smart lighting, drones, servers, computers, cryptocurrency, security, and mobile phones.

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