Electric Imp’s IoT Platform Deployed for Fluid Monitoring


Based on Electric Imp’s IoT platform, it monitors fluid levels in sump, sewage and effluent pump applications.

Liberty Pumps, a manufacturer of pumps and effluent control systems, has launched a line of fluid monitoring products powered by the Electric Imp IoT platform. The line, dubbed NightEye, monitors fluid levels in sump, sewage and effluent pump systems. If it detects a rise, it creates and automates alarms. The company stated the goal is to expand the value of IoT for intelligent buildings.

“Mechanicals, like pumps and plumbing that may operate for decades unnoticed, are often left out of the equation when people talk about smart or intelligent buildings,” said Oliver Hutaff, Electric Imp CFO/COO in the announcement, “But the great response to Liberty Pumps’ NightEye product illustrates just how powerful IoT can be at all levels. IoT done right can reliably collect massive amounts of data and drive smart actions that cut losses, improve service and deliver to manufacturers new and highly valuable insights into their products.”

According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) there are over $3.5 billon in flood insurance claims each year in the United States. While there is no way to determine how many of those claims are the result of storm surge or pump, drain, pipe or sewer failure, it’s estimated that those factors account for a significant percentage. NightEye’s alert can help minimize repairs and damage, meaning less claims, Liberty Pumps stated.

Available in the U.S. and Canada, the new monitoring solutions work without subscription fees. A free app allows building owners to monitor multiple areas where the monitoring units are deployed through a single dashboard.

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