Syncsort Sees Big Data Analytics Demand in Asia-Pacific Area


Company has launched Chinese and Japanese support for its data integration software, DMX-h v9.

Big data software provider Syncsort announced they will be adding Chinese and Japanese support to its data integration software, DMX-h v9. The company stated in their August 4 announcement that they are doing so in response to the increasing demand for big data analytics in the Asia Pacfic (APAC) region.

New capabilities will allow customers in those areas to access and integrate a variety of enterprise-wide data streams on a single server. They will also be able use  Hadoop and Spark for advanced analytics on-site and in the cloud.

According to the company, recent studies show that Hadoop adoption in the Asia Pacific is continuing to rise and big data volumes and types continue to expand and increase the demand for advanced analytics and Hadoop adoption.

“An increasing number of our customers in APAC are looking to gain competitive advantage by leveraging enterprise-wide data in big data environments,” said Tendü Yoğurtçu, general manager of Syncsort’s big data business, in a statement.

Other new features now available in Japanese and Chinese include the ability for an ETL job to be created, tested on a local machine, and executed on site or in the cloud with Hadoop, MapReduce, Linux, UNIX, Windows or Spark. Jobs can also be moved to a Hadoop cluster with no re-compiling or changes needed. Streaming data access and integration for real-time analytics is also available, the company stated.

APAC users can now leverage DMX’s graphical interface to subscribe to and transform enterprise data from a variety of real-time sources including sensor, transactional and web stream data. The software can also access and integrate mainframe and legacy databases. Enterprises can also include historical data with their real-time data. That data can be in any language and any character set, regardless of country of origin.

The company says the new localization features will be available by the end of September.


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