FRESH DATA: 30% of IoT projects Fail in the Proof-of-Concept Stage


Microsoft’s latest report, IoT Signals, surveyed over 3,000 IT professionals and executives to create a detailed analysis of the challenges and benefits of IoT adoption.

Microsoft’s latest report, IoT Signals, surveyed over 3,000 IT professionals and executives to create a detailed analysis of IoT adoption’s challenges and benefits.

Microsoft’s latest report, IoT Signals, examines the state of enterprise IoT adoption worldwide.

Facts & Findings: Adoption is Not Without Challenges

The vast majority of those surveyed expect to see a 30% ROI within two years of adoption. Of the 3,000+ It professionals and executives who responded:

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  • 85% are currently in the process of IoT adoption
  • 75% they have projects in the planning stages
  • 88% believe IoT is critical to the success of their organizations
  • 38% felt overly complex and technical challenges posed by the IoT are a deal breaker
  • 47% think they lack the talent to build or maintain IoT deployment
  • 97% expressed concern about IoT device and infrastructure security
  • 43% worry about creating strong, effective user authentications
  • 38% wonder about how to best maintain their IoT devices

“We’re living amid an invisible revolution driven by IoT. This revolution goes far beyond the smart speakers and thermostats in homes. It includes billions of connected devices and sensors transforming every industry on the planet, from manufacturing to energy distribution, from smart cities to smart agriculture, from smart buildings to smart medical equipment — and so much more,” says Microsoft head of Azure IoT Sam George.

IoT’s benefits to the planet include energy reduction, improved sustainability, and protection of natural resources. It’s transforming every industry by harnessing AI, edge computing, and newer technology like 5G. George says, “We’re at a critical tipping point where industry challenges like skills shortage, security concerns and solution complexity will hinder innovation, and pose significant risk to business and consumer data. It’s imperative that technology providers, standards organizations and industry solutions partners come together to help simplify and secure IoT.”

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