GigaSpaces Teams Up with Tableau for Machine Learning and Data Visualization


The combined solution speeds up customized BI visualizations of operational data for improved insights.

Real-time analytics processing platform provider GigaSpaces, makers of InsightEdge, has partnered with analytics platform provider Tableau for machine learning and data visualization. Their combined solution is designed to assist enterprises and speeding up customized BI visualizations of their operational data for improved insights at scale.

The InsightEdge big data analytics processing platform can run machine learning and real-time analytics on historical, streaming and hot data at scale and in production. Combined with Tableau’s offerings, enterprises will be able to visualize and understand this continuously updated data with interactive, low-latency queries. InsightEdge features a high speed big data layer that supports filtering, customized aggregation and sharding. The aggregation is performed in a distributed layer for faster queries.

“More and more companies are leveraging big data for improved decision-making but are struggling to support their growing requirements for real-time analysis,” said Brian Matsubara, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. “Integrating Tableau with GigaSpaces InsightEdge will help accelerate complex analytic queries and enable organizations to quickly act on time-sensitive insights.”

It also supports a high volume of concurrent users without taking a hit on performance and scales according to need, with peak events being handled by a shared nothing architecture that is efficient, distributed and contains no single point of contention between nodes.

“Data visualization brings business intelligence to life, helping organizations make better business decisions,” said Yoav Einav, Vice President of Products for GigaSpaces. “Our customers can work with Tableau to visualize their operational data and analytic results in real-time, as well as share them throughout the organization to act at the speed of their business.”

In Tableau Desktop 2019.1 or later, InsightEdge can be listed as a connection. To learn more about ways to connect, see the GigaSpaces Blog.

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