Google Launches Google Cloud IoT Core


Fully managed Google Cloud Platform Service is designed to help enterprises manage IoT devices and process data being generated by those devices.

Google has announced a new fully-managed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service called Google Cloud IoT Core. According to the company, Cloud IoT Core is designed to simplify the process of connecting globally distributed devices to GCP, centrally managing them, and building applications by integrating them with Google’s analytics services.

All scalability, availability, performance needs and data ingestion are managed via GCP. Google Cloud IoT Core is touted as helping companies get deeper insights that they can react to, change and optimize in real time. For example, Google said, utilities can monitor and analyze customer data usage in real-time, oil and gas companies can enable intelligent predictive maintenance, and transportation and logistics companies can be proactive and ensure the right vessels and vehicles are in the right places at the right times.

“Cloud IoT Core is designed to help resolve these problems by removing risk, complexity and data silos from the device monitoring and management process. Instead, it offers you the ability to more securely connect and manage all your devices as a single global system. Through a single pane of glass you can ingest data generated by all those devices into a responsive data pipeline and, when combined with other Cloud IoT services, analyze and react to that data in real time,” the company stated in a blog post on their website.

According to Google’s website, key features of Google Cloud IoT Cloud include:

  • Fast and easy setup and management: Cloud IoT Core lets you connect up to millions of globally dispersed devices into a single system with smooth and even data ingestion ensured under any condition. Devices are registered to your service quickly and easily via the industry-standard MQTT protocol. For Android Things-based devices, firmware updates can be automatic.
  • Security out-of-the-box: Secure all device data via industry-standard security protocols. (Combine Cloud IoT Core with Android Things for device operating-system security, as well.) Apply Google Cloud IAM roles to devices to control user access in a fine-grained way.
  • Native integration with analytic services: Ingest all your IoT data so you can manage it as a single system and then easily connect it to our native analytic services (including Google Cloud Dataflow, Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine) and partner BI solutions (such as Looker, Qlik, Tableau and Zoomdata). Pinpoint potential problems and uncover solutions using interactive data visualizations, or build rich machine-learning models that reflect how your business works.
  • Auto-managed infrastructure: All this in the form of a fully-managed, pay-as-you-go GCP service, with no infrastructure for you to deploy, scale or manage.

Cloud IoT Core is currently available as a private beta. There’s no word on when general availability will occur.


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