IBM and Hortonworks Aim to Operationalize Data Science


The companies will combine IBM Data Science Experience and Machine Learning with the Hortonworks Data Platform.

IBM and Hortonworks are joining up for data science and machine learning by combining the IBM Data Science Experience with the Hortonworks Data Platform.

The partnership is aimed at extending data science and machine learning to more developers and across the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. IBM Big SQL will also be part of the new integrations. The goal is to make analyzing and and managing data volumes easier for data scientists and business leaders, and to also help speed data-driven decision making.

“This partnership will provide an integrated and open data science and machine learning platform that lets teams easily collaborate and operationalize data science,” said Rob Thomas, general manager of IBM Analytics.

According to their joint announcement, the new collaboration will include:

  • Hortonworks will resell the IBM Data Science Experience with Hortonworks Data Platform, a leading Hadoop distribution, and adopt it as its strategic data science platform, giving developers a fast on-ramp to data science capabilities including machine learning, advanced analytics and statistics. Also, Hortonworks and IBM will create new solution bundles that integrate HDP with IBM Big SQL, IBM’s SQL engine for Hadoop, giving Hortonworks’ legions of clients and users a familiar method of managing their data.
  • IBM is adopting HDP for its Hadoop distribution and will fully integrate it with Data Science Experience and Machine Learning. As a result, this solution will combine for users the rich data security, governance and operations functionality provided by HDP, and the advanced analytics and management of the Data Science Experience. IBM will migrate existing IBM BigInsights users to HDP.

The IBM and Hortonworks partnership expands an existing partnership that includes HortonWorks Data Platform (HDP) for IBM’s Power Systems and Spectrum Scale Storage. Earlier this week Hortonworks announced Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) for IBM Power Systems, the next generation of their open-source data platform. It’s designed to give customers the ability to collect, curate, analyze and act ondata in real-time, both on site and in the cloud.

“Combined with IBM Power Systems, customers can gain access to industry-leading performance and efficiency for streaming analytics. HDF is complementary to HDP and is designed to accelerate the flow of data in motion into HDP to support full fidelity analytics,” IBM said in their announcement.

In addition, the companies announced they will work together to advance the development of Unified Governance (IBM BigIntegrate, IBM BigQuality and IBM Information Governance Catalog) on the Apache Atlas open platform.


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