IBM Chooses Datameer as AI Data Platform Partner


Datameer has been chosen as IBM’s data pipeline solution partner on its Cloud Private for Data platform.

IBM has chosen Datameer as its business data pipeline partner for the Cloud Private for Data platform. Announced in mid-March, Datameer will provide the data pipeline platform for IBM. This partnership will simplify and streamline data integration, preparation, shaping, and curation, according to Datameer.

Data pipeline solutions are able to overcome long delays usually associated with data integration, allowing IBM customers to make data accessible with a quick turnaround, avoiding some of the delays associated with data integration.

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The Cloud Private for Data platform is IBM’s attempt to integrate artificial intelligence with data analytics. The platform is being sold as an easy-to-use solution that can scale rapidly to meet the demand.

“Enterprises require a comprehensive information architecture for collecting, managing and analyzing data as AI drives business transformation to make better, faster decisions and Datameer has proven capabilities to address these market needs,” said Datameer vice present of business development, Raj Rajesh.

“Together, IBM and Datameer enable companies to build and implement operationalized data pipelines and embrace AI and machine learning to dramatically reduce time to insights and power innovation, creativity and efficiency.”

IBM has already partnered with Aginity, Lightbend and NetApp on the Cloud Private for Data platform.

“With the increase of enterprise data outside the data center, organizations must harness this data to leverage AI and machine learning to increase productivity and innovation to develop competitive advantage,” said John Myers, managing research director of Enterprise Management Associates

“To accomplish this, there is an increasing need for discovery and exploration tools in the cloud. Datameer empowers companies to transform their data into valuable information that enables companies to make faster data-driven decisions.”

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