Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending May 7

real time analytics news

In this week’s real-time analytics news: Google Cloud announced the launch of two new solutions that enable manufacturers to improve visibility from the factory floor to the cloud.

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Google Cloud announced the launch of Manufacturing Data Engine and Manufacturing Connect, two new solutions that enable manufacturers to connect historically siloed assets, process and standardize data, and improve visibility from the factory floor to the cloud. Once data is harmonized, the solutions enable three critical AI- and analytics-based use cases–manufacturing analytics & insights, predictive maintenance, and machine-level anomaly detection.

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NTT Ltd. announced the launch of its IoT Services for Sustainability offering. The new end-to-end stack of solutions aims to help businesses enable global sustainability initiatives and make data-driven decisions to reduce their carbon footprint through the intelligent use of IoT connectivity. These solutions include tools for OCR meter reading, water leak management, predictive maintenance, and environmental monitoring.

Mendix, a Siemens business, announced that Mendix Workflow for process automation is now generally available for companies building end-to-end digital solutions on the low-code platform. Workflow’s public rollout features enhanced architecture and new capabilities fine-tuned during extensive beta testing. Available in both Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro developer environments, Workflow enables greater collaboration between business experts and IT professionals to design, build, and optimize business processes with enterprise-wide automation.

Atos has announced the launch of Atos Business Outcomes-as-a-Service” (Atos BOaaS), a 5G, edge, and IoT offering developed in collaboration with Dell Technologies that brings the advantages of cloud architecture to the edge and far edge to deliver AI-based business value augmented with end-to-end automated deployment, monitoring, and management.

Galileo emerged from stealth with a machine learning (ML) data intelligence platform for unstructured data. The platform gives data scientists the ability to inspect, discover, and fix critical ML data errors faster across the entire ML lifecycle – from pre-training to post-training to post-production. The platform is currently in private beta with the Fortune 500 and startups across multiple industries.

SingleStore launched a three-minute assessment tool to help companies determine how data-intensive their apps are. This 3-minute assessment, based on answering a set of questions, aims to understand how data is used by the application and calculate the intensity score. Using five variables, the Data Intensity Index gives companies an assessment of what kind of data infrastructure an application will need to deliver the best user experience. 

Real-time analytics news in brief

Provectus announced the release of UI for Apache Kafka v0.4. UI for Apache Kafka enables developers to efficiently monitor data flows, identify data issues, and report any detected inconsistencies. The lightweight UI makes it easy to observe key metrics of Apache Kafka clusters, including Brokers, Topics, Partitions, Production, and Consumption, without having to use additional CLI tools. The updated version of this free, open-source web UI comes with new features for smart filtering, live message tailing, and handling functionality of topics. It includes crucial improvements and enhancements designed to help developers optimize the monitoring and management of Apache Kafka clusters.

Alluxio announced the immediate availability of version 2.8 of its Data Orchestration Platform. Alluxio 2.8 enhances S3 API compatibility, so onboarding and managing Alluxio on existing large data pipelines becomes much easier. This new release features enhanced interface support for the Amazon S3 REST API; security improvements for sensitive applications with strict encryption compliance and regulatory requirements; and strengthened automated data movement functionality across heterogeneous storage systems without the need to manually move or copy the data.

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Pega launched new Pega Platform templates, training courses, and services that make it easier for citizen developers to use low code technology. Specifically, Pega introduced Application templates for Pega App Factory, free coursework for citizen developers through Pega Academy, and Pega Consulting Services through the Low-code Factory Accelerator. These new features provide a strong foundation for citizen development that’s backed by governance, trust, and security through alignment between business and IT. 

MathWorks now offers tech startups access to a pair of standard suites containing MATLAB, Simulink, and more than 100 industry-specific toolboxes at a startup-friendly price. The Suites for Startups provide a full stack of development tools for design and simulation, test, and code generation. The suites also include training options in local languages as well as technical support from MathWorks experts who are ready to guide users from idea to deployment.

Domino Data Lab announced its latest platform, Domino 5.2. New capabilities will recommend the optimal size for a development environment, thereby improving the model development experience for data science teams while reducing cloud storage costs. Integrated workflows in Domino 5.2 automate model deployment to Snowflake’s Data Cloud and enable in-database computation, as well as model monitoring and continuous identification of new production data to update data drift and model quality calculations.

Starburst announced a new lakehouse capability, called Great Lakes connector for object storage catalogs, for Starburst Galaxy. The new capability enables a seamless user experience for many popular table formats on any object storage with the same consistent SQL provided by Trino in Starburst Galaxy. Specifically, users of the existing Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Google Cloud Storage catalogs can leverage Iceberg and Delta Lake table formats. They can use these features to automate data chores, including clustering, caching, small-file compaction, catalog syncing, and scaling table metadata.

Innoveo revealed its new brand identity reflecting its forward-looking approach to the no-code market. The corporate name, Innoveo, and platform name, Innoveo Skye, will remain the same. Innoveo also announced the latest version of Innoveo Skye. The Skye platform enables enterprise users to modernize legacy systems, automate archaic processes, and expedite the building and deploying of new applications and workflows. Along with visual updates associated with the rebranding, this release adds many new capabilities, including new payment integrations, security improvements, and OCR engine enhancements.

Siren announced the release of Siren 12.1. The latest version of Siren introduces several enhancements and improvements, including 360 degrees data visibility, downloadable and editable reports, and data model scalability. The latest iteration of the Siren platform’s new capabilities have been developed in line with rapidly changing investigators’ requirements to generate insights at machine speed and scale.

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announced that Kubernetes 1.24 is now generally available. With this announcement, all upstream Kubernetes 1.24 features are available in Canonical Kubernetes for both its distributions, MicroK8s, and Charmed Kubernetes. 

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Wind River announced that Hyundai Mobis and Hyundai AutoEver have signed an agreement to establish a strategic relationship that includes collaboration with Wind River Studio for the development of an automotive software framework and continuous test and test automation capabilities, as well as advanced software lifecycle management. The collaboration will leverage each company’s specialties and experiences to develop a software development infrastructure for next-generation connected automobiles.

DigitalOcean selected SOOS to be part of the new suite of SaaS Add-Ons available to developers via the DigitalOcean Marketplace. Developers working within the DigitalOcean cloud now can use SOOS to seamlessly scan for vulnerabilities and license issues (SCA), generate SBOMs, govern dependencies, and run SOOS’s no-limit vulnerability scanner (DAST) against web apps or APIs.

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Qlik and Exact announced an OEM partnership to continue to serve small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) around the world with enterprise-grade analytics powered by Qlik Sense through Exact Insights. Through the partnership, Qlik provides the SME space with easier visual presentation of data and user-friendly analytics solutions. The collaboration lets Exact focus on giving its customers a better understanding of their data so they can take decisive actions and uncover new business opportunities.

Immuta announced an expanded partnership with Starburst. The Immuta plugin allows seamless integration with a customer’s Immuta installation, enabling organizations to leverage data mesh architectures with fast, secure data access.

Landing AI announced it has joined NVIDIA Metropolis, a program designed to nurture and bring to market a new generation of applications and solutions based on advancements in AI vision.

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