New IIC Testbed Focuses on AI-Driven Manufacturing Optimization


IIC announced a new testbed for manufacturing optimization through AI, led by IIC members Wanxiang Group and Thingswise.

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced on Tuesday a new testbed for manufacturing optimization through artificial intelligence (AI), led by IIC members Wanxiang Group and industrial internet platform provider Thingswise.

The OMPAI testbed will explore the possibilities of AI, deployed on the edge, for optimizing processes in the factory. The group also wants the testbed to be a place for members to creatively exchange ideas about IT/AI/OT knowledge, which may further improve the possibilities of AI.

“We believe that an industrial IoT platform will be a key enabler for our digital transformation and global synergy,” said Vincent Wang, chief innovation officer of Wanxiang Holdings. “We are glad to work with technology leaders to validate AI, edge-cloud collaborative computers, and high-speed cellular networks to optimize manufacturing productivity and quality. This is the first step toward an open, inclusive IIoT platform on which we will continue with further testbeds, incorporating new ideas, new data usage models and creating greater value.”

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The Wanxiang Group and Thingswise will be supported by Dell Technologies, Xilinx, China Unicom, China Academy of Information and Communication Technology. It is the first IIC testbed to leverage The Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry framework. IIC announced an agreement to use the framework last year.

“The application of AI in manufacturing is a fledgling field of development in much need of demonstrable success or ROI. There is also a challenge of bringing the requisite IT/AI and OT expertise together to enable this development,” said Dr. Shi-Wan Lin, CEO and co-founder of Thingswise.

“It is exciting to see yet another large global manufacturer taking the lead in an IIC testbed, bringing their deep knowledge in production technology to bear, with a sharp focus on applying industrial internet technologies and AI to solve core manufacturing problems. I’m confident that this testbed will bring valuable experience and insights to the industrial internet community.”

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