Deloitte Picks Anodot for Real-Time Autonomous Analytics


Deloitte Australia will use Anodot’s AI/ML solution to expand its Consulting Analytics & Cognitive practice’s portfolio of AI-powered analytics.

Autonomous analytics company Anodot and Deloitte Australia announced a new partnership designed to help companies maximize real-time analytics. Deloitte hopes to expand its Consulting Analytics & Cognitive practice’s portfolio of AI-powered service offerings by using Anodot’s artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

The partnership integrates Anodot’s anomaly detection with Deloitte’s BI and analytics capabilities to create a unique new offering that helps businesses find and fix business and technical issues before costs escalate.

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Traditional BI tools often fail in dynamic environments with large data volumes. Their inability to quickly detect anomalies can lead to delayed — or missed — business insights. Anodot’s AI/ML solution automatically learns and tracks individual metrics’ behaviors, regardless of data stream type, to pinpoint abnormalities.

Anodot’s autonomous analytics can quickly analyze data from a variety of data sources in real time and detect risks and anomalies before they have a chance to affect customers, improving decision making and preventing costly crises.

“Deloitte sees the potential to help its clients address critical business issues and target new opportunities for increased business performance,” says Lee Anderson, Deloitte partner. Anodot leverages ML capabilities to proactively monitor telecommunications networks, power and utility asset performance, and financial transaction processing.

“We are honored to launch this exciting alliance with Deloitte, further solidifying our steady growth,” said David Drai, CEO and Co-Founder of Anodot, “As we expand globally, we will continue to give our customers across the world the cutting-edge ability to achieve actionable insights that truly impact their bottom line. 

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