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InfinyOn Provides the Needed Link to Enable Real-time Event Streaming Applications

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InfinyOn has architected a platform for data in motion that uses SmartModules to enable enterprises to program their data pipelines for real-time services.

InfinyOn, a real-time event streaming company, has had a busy month. The company raised $5M in a round of seed funding, introduced the v0.10 beta release of its InfinyOn Cloud platform, and announced a strategic technology agreement with the intelligent pipeline monitoring company Klarian to drive innovation in the energy sector with real-time data and actionable insights.

Let’s look at these developments one at a time.

With respect to the funding, the company raised a $5M round of seed funding led by Gradient Ventures and Fly Ventures, with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners, TSVC, and others. The funding was in recognition of the fact that real-time event streaming adoption is gaining momentum as an integral component of delivering exceptional customer experiences and enhanced operations. 

“Organizations need to react to situations in real-time so they can give their users the best experience,” said A.J. Hunyady, co-founder and CEO of InfinyOn.

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The funding acknowledges that InfinyOn is well-positioned to help in this area. To that end, InfinyOn built a real-time event streaming platform with in-line computation capabilities powered by WebAssembly that enables organizations to deploy and operate large-scale multi-channel data pipelines from edge to cloud.

A platform for today’s real-time data and apps

InfinyOn Cloud provides a modern approach that reduces the cost and complexity of operating and managing real-time data pipelines. It includes a number of innovations and offerings.

To start, the solution introduces the new concept of Stream, Transform and Load (STL), which is a paradigm shift from the traditional Extract, Transform and Load (ETL). By making use of STL, users can eliminate ELT tools and quickly build programmable data pipelines for real-time actionable insights.

Another new element is the SmartModule Hub, which is an industry-first app store where users can share and reuse data transformations to quickly build sophisticated data pipelines. InfinyOn SmartModules, powered by WebAssembly, allows users to program unique functions, apply intelligence and enrich data.

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One of the exciting aspects of offering is how it can help organizations grappling with the explosion of data from IoT and other edge sources. The InfinyOn Real-time Data Platform can help bridge the edge to the cloud.

It enables organizations to distribute intelligence with SmartModules between edge and cloud, allowing an organization to develop valuable insights for business decisions across. InfinyOn Cloud can be used for numerous use cases, including predictive maintenance, supply chain automation, and real-time inventory management while minimizing data transfers.

InfinyOn SmartModule hub

Empowering the energy sector with real-time insights

A prime example of where InfinyOn’s real-time event streaming technology is needed is pipeline monitoring in the energy field, which is the focus of the strategic technology partnership with Klarian.

In recent years, pipeline infrastructure has grown dramatically in response to rising oil and gas demand throughout the world. Thousands of kilometers of pipelines for the transportation and distribution of oil and gas products are being laid throughout diverse locations. As a result, the vast networks of pipelines used in the industry have fueled the demand for pipeline monitoring systems.

The Klarian team evaluated several potential solutions to enable Digipipe, its end-to-end pipeline monitoring solution with a performance dashboard, to operate in real-time with services such as System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), IoT platforms, and serverless functions. When looking at different solutions, the same problems occurred. They encountered proprietary protocols, vendor platform lock-in, and complicated tooling that was expensive and difficult to manage.

Klarian Selects InfinyOn Cloud for MQTT to Postgres Use-Case for Real-time Pipeline Monitoring

Traditional tooling for event streaming, such as Kafka, AirFlow, and Broadway, were considered as a way to quickly develop its platform with real-time data. Building an event streaming architecture that ingests, transforms, and distributes data results in a complicated mesh of data acquisition, data transformation, and data storage services.

In the partnership, the two companies overcome these issues and have jointly delivered a real-time pipeline monitoring solution. Klarian uses InfinyOn Cloud to power Digipipe. Specifically, the work takes Klarian’s Digipipe and integrates it with InfinyOn, to stream, transform, and load events in real time. The combination delivers significant benefits.

“Working with InfinyOn has enabled Klarian to realize substantial performance improvements compared to Kafka. During the initial proof of concept, InfinyOn was able to deliver a 3x reduction in latency, 5x improvement in throughput, 7x better CPU utilization, and 50x better memory utilization,” said Seyho Chang, CTO of InfinyOn.

A final word

There is a growing demand for real-time event streaming in today’s fast-paced business world. Building a solution that lets organizations make use of data in motion can be quite challenging. Many organizations find traditional approaches based on ELT tools quickly become too complex to manage and do not scale well. Additionally, common tools used for event streaming, such as Kafka, also result in a complicated mess.

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In contrast, InfinyOn has architected a programmable platform for data in motion built on Rust and enables continuous intelligence for connected apps. Founded in 2019 by A.J. Hunyady and Sehyo Chang, InfinyOn aims to accelerate organizations’ journey to the real-time economy. The offering makes use of SmartModules to enable enterprises to program their data pipelines as they flow between producers and consumers for real-time services. Its Cloud product lets enterprises quickly correlate events, apply business intelligence, and derive value from their data.

To learn more, please visit infinyon.com.

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