Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending November 5

real time analytics news

In this week’s real-time analytics news: Platforms and tools for monitoring real-time pipelines are among the top items.

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InfinyOn announced the v0.10 beta release of the InfinyOn Cloud platform. InfinyOn Cloud provides a modern approach that reduces the cost and complexity of operating and managing real-time data pipelines. It includes a number of innovations and offerings, including:

  • The introduction of the new concept of Stream, Transform and Load (STL), a paradigm shift from Extract, Transform and Load (ETL). Implementing STL, users can eliminate ELT tools and quickly build programmable data pipelines for real-time actionable insights.
  • SmartModule Hub, which is an industry-first app store where users can share and reuse data transformations to quickly build sophisticated data pipelines. InfinyOn SmartModules, powered by WebAssembly, allows users to program unique functions, apply intelligence and enrich data.

In other InfinyOn news, the company, which recently raised $5M in a round of seed funding, and Klarian announced a strategic technology agreement to jointly deliver real-time pipeline monitoring. Klarian has developed Digipipe, an end-to-end pipeline monitoring solution with a performance dashboard that integrates with InfinyOn, to stream, transform, and load events in real time.

IBM has announced new software designed to help enterprises break down data and analytics silos so they can make data-driven decisions quickly and navigate unpredictable disruptions. IBM Business Analytics Enterprise is a suite of business intelligence planning, budgeting, reporting, forecasting, and dashboard capabilities that provides users with a robust view of data sources across their entire business. Along with IBM Planning Analytics with Watson and IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson, this suite also includes a new IBM Analytics Content Hub that helps streamline how users discover and access analytics and planning tools from multiple vendors in a single, personalized dashboard view.

Snowplow announced the availability of the first of its Data Product Accelerators (DPAs). These DPAs lay the foundation for the fast creation of data apps, providing a step-by-step guide or referencing data architecture to effortlessly deliver high-impact use cases that solve specific business needs or problems. The company has also announced preview availability of new offerings within its Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) portfolio.

Synthesis AI released Synthesis Humans and Synthesis Scenarios, two new products that offer human-centric synthetic data. The new offerings serve as an extension of the company’s data generation platform and aim to make the creation and implementation of synthetic data more seamless than ever before. Through a combination of generative AI and cinematic CGI pipelines, the Synthesis platform can programmatically create vast amounts of perfectly labeled image data at orders of magnitude increased speed.

Qlik launched Qlik Cloud Data Integration, its Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (eiPaaS) offering to fuel enterprise data strategies through a real-time data integration fabric that connects all enterprise applications and data sources to the cloud. The solution is a set of SaaS services designed for analytics and data engineers deploying enterprise integration and transformation initiatives. The services form a data fabric that unifies, transforms, and delivers data across an organization via flexible, governed, and reusable data pipelines.

Real-time analytics news in brief

Avantra announced the launch of its latest software release, Avantra 23. The updates deliver high levels of service quality for SAP operations, with ready-to-use workflow automation templates, including SAP system refresh, automated SAP security analysis, and much more. Additionally, the latest Avantra release provides customers with a force multiplier that releases talent from time-consuming manual activities.

Collibra unveiled a wave of new innovations designed to make data intelligence easy and accessible to more data users with the performance, security, and scale that enterprise organizations demand. The offerings include new capabilities for Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud that enhance search, collaboration, business process automation, and analytics, as well as brand new products that support data access governance and data quality and observability in the cloud.

Couchbase announced new enhancements to its database-as-a-service (DBaaS) Couchbase Capella. The new Capella experience boosts productivity so developers can more easily build next-generation applications. The fresh user interface presents key developer tools, tasks, and journeys front and center when building applications with Capella. Developers that are new to Capella will find it familiar with design and navigation inspired by popular developer-centric tools like GitHub.

Credo AI announced the general availability of new assessment and reporting capabilities in its Responsible AI Governance Platform. The new feature set allows organizations to standardize and automate reporting of Responsible AI issues across all of their AI/ML applications. The enhancements will enable enterprises to easily meet new regulatory requirements and customer demands for governance artifacts, reports, and disclosures on their development and use of AI. has released the latest version of its DataOps platform, combining a unified developer experience with the ability to perform DataOps at scale. One of the new offerings the company is launching is its new unified developer experience, a fully hosted IDE with all the pre-packaged components and plugins needed for a highly efficient Snowflake development experience. It also offers support for Kubernetes, enabling customers to dynamically scale their DataOps infrastructure within their cloud architecture while using compute resources more efficiently.

Forescout announced Forescout Continuum Timeline and Forescout Assist for Healthcare and for OT/ICS. Continuum Timeline is an extension of Forescout’s existing platform that now provides cloud-native data analytics for organizations’ connected assets (devices, etc.). Forescout Assist for Healthcare and Forescout Assist for OT/ICS are subscription services for IT security and engineering teams to help counter increasingly targeted attacks on healthcare and critical infrastructure.

Galileo announced Galileo Community Edition, a free version of its platform that enables data scientists working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build high-performing ML models quickly with better-quality training data. With this new offering, anyone can sign up for free, add a few lines of code while training their model with labeled data or during an inference run with unlabeled data to instantly inspect, find, and fix data errors or select the right data to label next using the Galileo UI. 

InfluxData announced significant product enhancements at its annual developer and community event. New features, including InfluxDB Script Editor, Telegraf Custom Builder, and Flux 1.0, support developers working with time series data, allowing them to do more with less code. InfluxDB Script Editor and Telegraf Custom Builder are available immediately for InfluxDB users, with support for Flux 1.0 coming later this quarter.

Momento emerged from stealth with its Serverless Cache. By making caching serverless, Momento delivers an instantly elastic, highly available cache that can serve millions of transactions per second. It is built to optimize and accelerate any database that runs in AWS or GCP today and is a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) serverless platform, so there is zero infrastructure to manage. Additionally, Momento’s Serverless Cache lets developers add a cache to their modern cloud stacks with five lines of code.

mParticle announced that it is expanding its catalog of data sources to include direct ingestion from data warehouses, beginning with Snowflake, and followed by support for Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, and Microsoft Azure. Warehouse Sync delivers cost and time savings for data teams that want to maximize their existing data infrastructure and solve the complexities of utilizing customer data for personalization. With Warehouse Sync, mParticle enables traditional reverse-ETL flows while also providing a complete data infrastructure to support customers as their business grows.

observIQ announced the enterprise edition of BindPlane OP. BindPlane OP provides the ability to control observability costs and simplify the management of telemetry agents at scale while avoiding vendor lock-in. BindPlane OP Enterprise adds 24/7 support and direct access to the BindPlane OP product team. It launches with Active Directory and LDAP authentication support for a unified and streamlined user authentication experience and meeting compliance requirements.

ServiceNow announced new solutions to help digitize today’s most pressing workplace productivity challenges. The latest capabilities – Automated service suggestions, Service Request Playbook, and Workplace Scenario Planning – are built on the ServiceNow platform and accelerate the automation of complex, often offline processes for enterprises and government agencies, helping to improve service operations as well as customer, employee, and constituent experiences.

Zilliz, the company behind Milvus, the purpose-built database to store, index, search, and analyze high-dimensional, dense embedding vectors, announced that Zilliz Cloud is generally available and ready for enterprise production workloads. Featuring the Zilliz team’s expertise in running some of the largest-scale and most complicated vector similarity search in production, the fully managed service makes it easy for companies to deploy and run their image retrieval, video analysis, recommendation engines, targeted ads, customized search, smart chatbots, fraud detection, network security, new drug discovery, and many other AI applications at scale.

Y42 announced a global relaunch of its entire modern DataOps Cloud to offer a fully managed environment for running production-ready data pipelines. Running on top of Snowflake and BigQuery, Y42 effectively leverages software engineering and product management best practices simultaneously adapted for the data world allowing data teams to be productive quickly. Key features of Y42 include increased accessibility to data through a fully managed and accessible data stack, better governance and control within organizations, and better collaboration between teams.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Siemens Digital Industries Software announced that it has added scalable, on-demand, high-performance simulation capabilities to Siemens Xcelerator as a Service (XaaS) with the launch of Simcenter Cloud HPC software. As part of the ongoing collaboration between Siemens and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the new service is hosted on AWS, optimized for Simcenter solver technologies, and managed by Siemens.

Aerospike announced the early availability ofAerospike Cloud running on AWS. The new Database-as-a-Service solution offers developers and development teams the full power of the multi-modelAerospike Database 6 delivered as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go, fully elastic service. Aerospike Cloud offers easy onboarding and a cost-effective way to build scalable, real-time applications with a fraction of the servers and operational overhead required with traditional data solutions.

Anonos announced the acquisition of Berlin-based Statice, a synthetic data software provider. With the addition of the Statice solution, which generates new privacy-preserving data points that reflect the statistical properties of the original data, Anonos expands its ability to provide a comprehensive platform that powers speed to data insights for use cases while enhancing the protection and utilization of data.

Ansys announced the availability of Ansys Gateway powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The combined solution features on-demand access to Ansys applications and high-performance computing (HPC) resources on the cloud. Ansys Gateway powered by AWS is available in AWS Marketplace and makes it possible for customers to easily access, subscribe and configure Ansys applications from a single location.

Aporia and ClearML announced an end-to-end solution today to help data scientists, ML engineers, and DevOps teams perfect their ML pipelines. Through this new partnership, data scientists and DevOps teams will be able to use the combined power of ClearML and Aporia to significantly shorten their time-to-value and time-to-revenue by ensuring ML projects are executed successfully and make it to commercial production more efficiently.

C3 AI announced that seven new members will join the Open AI Energy Initiative (OAI), an open ecosystem of AI-based solutions for the energy and process industries. Aligned Automation, Infosys, EPAM Systems, Wipro, KBC, Akselos, and Databricks have all signed onto the program, each bringing a unique experience that will elevate the entire ecosystem.

Cisco advanced its partnership with Red Hat to accelerate the deployment and simplify the management of bare metal containerized workload operations for hybrid clouds. The collaboration between Cisco and Red Hat will address the need for more bare metal computing options to run on containerized applications – and will enable the two companies to target, identify and build solutions for hybrid cloud use cases.

Cloudian announced the integration of its HyperStore object storage with Teradata Vantage’s on-premises deployment option. The combination of Teradata Vantage – the IntelliFlex and VMware Editions – and HyperStore provides a public cloud-like data lakehouse solution for supporting analytics workloads in on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. Teradata customers can now take advantage of HyperStore’s native S3 compatibility, exabyte-level scalability, and military-grade security to analyze large volumes of data more easily and cost-effectively.

Equalum announced the CDC Connect Partner Program. The new OEM/integration program is open to batch-oriented data integration vendors, application integration companies, and other solution providers requiring a more flexible, high-performance CDC technology to identify and track downstream data. With Equalum’s CDC platform, partners have the opportunity to strengthen their competitive advantage by deploying high-throughput, low-latency CDC without the need for code modifications in source applications.

Finite State and RKVST announced a partnership to bring together Finite State’s product security automation with RKVST’s zero trust-based supply chain evidence platform. The partnership will focus on bringing visibility to a major market need: collaboration between device manufacturers and asset owners to secure the software supply chain.

Graphisoft announced that it has signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement with AV-Tech Group to acquire Abvent’s Archicad business units in France and French-speaking Switzerland. The deal is expected to close in the next several weeks when Abvent’s Archicad business units — including market relationships, employees, and assets — will become part of Graphisoft. 

Maxar Technologies announced that it has completed the acquisition of AI and software development company Wovenware. The two companies have worked together in the past. Wovenware’s AI/ML and Data Production talent has supported Maxar projects ranging from UI design to full-stack delivery, producing new 3D terrain analytics tools. This acquisition significantly adds to Maxar’s software engineering and AI capabilities and talent. 

Tricentis announced it has achieved Powered by Oracle Cloud Expertise for its automated and AI-driven solutions. Tricentis now supports Oracle Cloud Infrastructure capabilities and is available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Tricentis enables release readiness for rapid feedback from automated business practices for UAT and Data Validation. Powered by Oracle Cloud, Tricentis offers Oracle customers additional benefits, including automation capabilities, increased automation and reduced manual cost, data confidence, and an AI-driven solution.

Vertica, the core analytical database in the Micro Focus software portfolio, announced the rollout of a program that rewards open-source developers for their contributions to technology advancement. The Vertica Open Source Fund is a key initiative that seeks to spur innovation for Vertica and its users and demonstrate its commitment to the open-source ecosystem. Awards will be distributed via the GitHub Sponsorship program and will be announced each quarter publicly.

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