Information Builders Relaunches WebFOCUS BI Platform


BI and analytics firm Information Builders recently announced the relaunch of its signature platform, WebFOCUS.

BI and analytics firm Information Builders recently announced the relaunch of its signature platform, WebFOCUS.

In a release issued by the company, Information Builders said this update, with its fully responsive user interface and intuitive workflow, delivers unparalleled ease of use with scale and function. This enables employees across an organization, not just in IT or analytics, to access information and leverage data for insights.

“For far too long, businesses have been constrained by solutions that don’t provide the scalability and usability required to unleash the power of their information and empower employees at every level to make smarter, better, and faster decisions,” said Frank J. Vella, Information Builders’ COO. “We are proud to unveil the new WebFOCUS platform to unleash unlimited intelligence across every organization.”

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Unlike limited tools that can’t scale effectively, the new WebFOCUS platform, according to the release, empowers everyone connected to an organization with information and insights for unlimited intelligence. This includes stakeholders outside the firewall like customers, consumers, citizens, partners, and suppliers.

The company added that organizations can also achieve scalability of users, as well as data sources and performance, at a much lower hardware and software cost compared to other BI tools and platforms.

The new WebFOCUS combines traditional governed BI with business-led agile analytics. The modern enterprise can deliver a broad range of reports, dashboards, documents, and applications while empowering business users to create their own data visualizations, charts, graphs, and infographics. This happens all in one place, securely, at scale, in the cloud or on-premise.

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