47Lining Now Makes Data Syncing to AWS a Breeze


47Lining’s Connector Quick Start allows companies to quickly and easily synchronize their industrial time series data to AWS.

47Lining announced its new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Industrial Time Series Data Connector Quick Start. The Connector Quick Start allows companies to do advanced data analytics on their industrial time series data including predictive and historical analytics while having access to all of AWS’s big data services and the services offered by their partners.

47Lining designed the Industrial Time Series Data Connector Service to give organizations the tools they need to make the most of their investment in on-premises industrial process data historians and to make the process of putting their data on AWS in the appropriate formats easier. Traditional they used time series database applications to abstract the data and general real-time insights for operational intelligence.

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With AWS this can be done at a reduce cost while providing faster insights and allow for data held in silos to be collected and blended together, as they are now able to sync their real-time and historical time series data on AWS. For those who need help getting started, 47Lining offers consulting on AWS’s Solution Space.

“47Lining is excited to have the opportunity to offer the AWS Industrial Time Series Data Connector Quick Start to a variety of customers, particularly those in the oil & gas, energy & utilities, and manufacturing industries,” says Mick Bass, Senior Vice President of 47Lining’s Big Data Practice. “The Quick Start will really revolutionize how companies derive insights from their time series data. By eliminating data silos, industrial customers will be able to use a broad array of descriptive, predictive, and real-time analytics, driving insights from their time series data while keeping it secure.”

The Industrial Time Series Connector Quick Start can accept data through Amazon Kinesis or AWS IoT services. The connector is built on AWS IoT Analytics.

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