IoT Gateways: A Guide to Connecting Things to The Cloud


IoT gateways act as middlemen connecting your devices to the cloud and managing everything from data security, connectivity protocols to edge computing.

The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is booming as new products continue to get adopted worldwide. The technology offers incredible opportunities to optimize business processes, improve health and safety, and save time and money. However, integrating new and custom IoT solutions with the complex IoT landscape is a challenge. That is where IoT gateways play a fundamental role in connecting traditional and next-generation devices to the internet.

What are IoT gateways?

In simple words, IoT gateways are virtual platforms or physical devices that act as a wireless access portal, giving IoT devices access to the internet. They execute several functions, including protocol translation, device connectivity, data filtering, and security.

They integrate protocols for networking, manage storage and edge analytics on data, and facilitate secure flow between devices at the network’s edges to both cloud services above it all.


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