Sapiens Upgrades Decision Suite Software


The update includes advanced compliance traceability, an improved user experience, and accelerated policy change capabilities.

Sapiens International Corp., a provider of software for the insurance and financial services sectors, has announced an upgrade to their Decision Suite application, a tool that gives users the ability to discover, model, validate, test and management business intelligence and logic.

Decision Suite lets organizations accelerate application development and better manage the application development change cycle, the company stated. The new 6.2 upgrade adds advanced compliance traceability, accelerated policy change capabilities, and an improved user experience.

“To help organizations thrive in the current climate of regulatory and technological change, we designed Sapiens Decision version 6.2 to make it easier to implement modifications to regulations and policies, but more importantly, to provide clear linkages back to the source of the original change request,” said Larry Goldberg, senior vice president for products and evangelist, Sapiens Decision. “The enhanced user experience and usability enabled with this upgrade is expected to result in reduced cost of change, increased productivity and faster time to market.”

The new traceability features will help to mitigate the challenge of confirming that their applications are executing policies accurately. Customers will be able to import, query and report on the business logic/policy, regulations and requirements relationships, the company stated.

Decision 6.2 also offers accelerated policy change, powered by enhanced sharing, migration and maintenance of decision views, improved inflight change capabilities for approved rule family views, and advance management and reporting for policy traceability.

The company is offering a webinar to learn more about the features in Sapiens Decision 6.2.

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