Kudelski Group, Sigfox Partner on IoT Device Security


Kudelski Group and Sigfox will work together to address increasing security expectations in the fast-growing IoT market worldwide. 

Digital security application provider Kudelski Group and IoT connectivity provider Sigfox are joining forces to bring improved IoT security to Sigfox partners, which include vendors, designers and manufacturers. The partnership will allow the two companies to work together to address security concerns and expectations in the global IoT marketplace.

According to the announcement, Sigfox partners and customers will now have full access to the Kudelski Group’s IoT Security Center of Excellence to help them optimize security in their deployments of Sigfox-enabled products and services. They’ll also be able to make use of new services that will help them ensure their new devices and services meet acceptable security levels from design all the way through launch and deployment.

“It is increasingly important to consider and plan security architecture at the very beginning of design and development of an IoT solution,” said Laetitia Jay, chief marketing officer at Sigfox. “From day one, Sigfox’s core architecture has been secure by design. Our partners and customers will now benefit from the strategic partnership with the Kudelski Group to build and run secure end-to-end IoT applications.”

The IoT Security Center of Excellence will help Sigfox customers deploy IoT Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) applications and services.

“The Kudelski Group’s IoT Security Posture Improvement services propose best-in-class technologies and own patented mechanisms in order to address the security gaps identified during the security assessment stage and ensure an unprecedented level of security. With these services, Sigfox customers and partners can get adequate security controls in their entire IoT ecosystem to resist even the most advanced threats,” the announcement stated.


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