LF Networking Announces Creation of Anuket


By combining the best of two projects, LF Networking hopes to accelerate the transformation to cloud-native infrastructures while reducing obstacles.

LF Networking, a Linux Foundation project pursuing open-source solutions for moving data, recently announced a merger of two separate projects to create Anuket.

The move combines the Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Taskforce (CNTT), a project providing virtual machine and containerized network functions with an architecture, and the Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV), which reduced the time to integrate NFV infrastructure.

The two projects will now become one integrated effort. Anuket will provide standardized reference infrastructure specifications and conformance frameworks, enabling a faster onboarding for production for projects within virtualized and cloud-native functions.

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Telecom digital transformation

The group hopes to reduce the costs associated with moving to this type of computational operation. Organizations will leverage the strengths of both former projects to speed digital transformation for telecoms. LF Networking wants to close the gap between existing infrastructure and today’s current business needs.

The project preserves the Linux Foundation’s focus on open-source solutions extends to this project merger. It will move the needle towards open telco infrastructure. The project unifies more than 100 organizations in a large-scale, global ecosystem of telco vendors and operators.

The project builds on both former solutions and should drop sometime during summer 2021. The group is working fast to ensure an end-to-end solution that works with integrated solutions.

LF Networking hopes to accelerated transformation

By combining the best of both projects, LF Networking hopes to accelerate the transformation to cloud-native infrastructures while reducing obstacles. The global communications community should be able to deliver compliant networks faster without sacrificing security. This operational excellence in the new 5G rollout will enable cutting-edge projects and spur the collaboration needed to build on the new network.

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