LogMeIn Launches IoT Platform for Connected Products


The Xively platform aims to streamline IoT connections and provide universal device management.

Cloud service provider LogMeIn thinks the IoT is too complicated, and has decided to do something about it. On May 3 they announced the launch of the Xively Connected Product Management Platform, which strives aims to bring convenience and streamlining to the world of IoT management.

The company says Xively is designed to help companies at every step of their IoT journey, from the learning phase to deployment to managing existing deployments.

 “For us, the CIOs we talk to, when you approach IoT and connecting your products, you want to spend time on those things that are a long-term differentiator to your customers or business,” said Ryan Lester, director of IoT at LogMeIn’s Xively IoT division, in an article on CIO.com. Those things include “apps, customer experiences, and business models” and less time on “specific databases, cloud architectures, and security protocols.”

The Xively platform is advertised as providing universal user and device management that will work with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and other platforms. It also offers built-in integration with Salesforce to provide real-time insights on status, customer behavior and other key data points.

Another major feature is the Xively Product Simulator, which provides a testbed for creating and testing product features, third-party integration, and use cases. It also allows companies to build business processes around an already connected product.

The platform is available now and more information, including case studies, can be found on the company’s website.


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