IoT Device Management Revenue to Grow 58% in 2018


MachNation announces availability of its second annual, global IoT Device Management ScoreCard.

MachNations’s second annual IoT Device Management ScoreCard is now available. The scorecard rates and evaluates in-depth 17 IoT device management service providers.

MachNation focuses on IoT device management’s nuances to help distributors, enterprises, service providers, and systems integrators understand platform microservices’ strengths and weaknesses. The company makes recommendations based on:

  • Technical reference materials
  • Extensive developer documentation review
  • Live demonstrations

MachNation’s IoT Device Management ScoreCard provides the industry’s most comprehensive technical review of relevant vendors. Their research provides in-depth reviews of APIs, documentation, SDKs, and product capabilities to help service providers and enterprises manager their IoT deployments.

2018 Scorecard Vendors

The MachNation ScoreCard ranked the chosen vendors across 18 different technical and business-related categories such as security, integration tools, support, and technology architecture using several quadrants. The company selected the following vendors for its 2018 scorecard:

  • Amazon
  • Amplia
  • ARM
  • AVSystem
  • Bosch
  • Harman
  • Huawei
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • PTC
  • Sierra Wireless
  • SiteWhere
  • Smith Micro
  • Software AG
  • Telit
  • Thingsboard
  • Wind River

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By the Numbers

The report predicts IoT device management revenue to grow 58% in 2018, with North America generating 37% and Western Europe generating 35% of the growth.

MachNation predicts that 2018 global IoT platform revenue will surpass the $3B mark, driven by enterprise investments in technology needed to support IoT deployments. Product-based sales will generate 61% of device management vendor revenue. Device management services and applications will drive a 39% sales increase.

“Finding independent specialists with deep knowledge of IoT platforms and device management is difficult. Our customers demand top-quality solutions, so we value the excellent technology and business insights we receive from MachNation,” says Geoff Martin, Group Manager IoT Product Platforms, Sprint.

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