MapR Acquires Patent for Converged Data Platform


The patent for the MapR Converged Data Platform provides core architecture for data-centric enterprises.

Converged data platform provider MapR Technologies has announced they’ve been granted an additional patent (US9,501,483) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their MapR Converged Data Platform.

The platform was originally granted a patent in February of 2016. In their Jan. 18 announcement, the company said the additional patent was awarded for their technology advances, most notably the multi-modal NoSQL database MapR-DB and the global streaming engine MapRStreams that are core components of the platform.

“This patent reinforces our commitment to allowing our customers to uniquely run both operational and analytical processing on a single platform,” said Matt Mills, CEO, MapR Technologies. “Unlike Apache Hadoop or alternative big data technologies, the patented Converged Data Platform provides a unified and fast access layer to any type of data. We enable companies to take advantage of next generation applications, creating innovation and advancing their business through digital transformation.”

The patent protects the platform’s file, table and stream processing functions, including convergence, which enables integration of tables, files and streams into the data platform; fast processing with low latency, security; and continuous access and consistency. MapR said its Converged Data Platform leverages those technologies for its core architecture in four key areas:

  • Enterprise-grade reliability at scale with end-to-end security, multi-tenancy and disaster recovery.
  • Real-time data processing.
  • A patented core that uses APIs to achieve greater value from Apache Spark/Hadoop and offers interoperability with most standard open APIs.
  • Real-time, converged analytics that can be run on both data in motion and at rest.

More information can be found at MapR.

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