Mnubo Joins Yanmar’s Horticulture IoT Initiative


The company brings its AI-driven IoT insights to predict crop yield and growth for Yanmar’s IoT Smart Greenhouse project.

Glasshouse workerIoT data analytics and AI company Mnubo announced it is teaming up with industrial equipment manufacturer Yanmar Corporation to assist with its IoT Smart Greenhouse initiative.

The project is designed to transform Japan’s agriculture industry. Mnubo will provide insights and data science services to predict crop yield and growth with the goal of increasing the efficiency and productivity of Yanmar’s horticulture system.

End-to-end IoT service

The IoT test bed has the support of Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.  Yanmar’s horticulture system is an end-to-end IoT service that deliver’s next-generation capabilities. It will use Mnubo’s IoT insights platform, which will also be integrated with the companies other IoT partners.

The platform will provide real-time data analysis, predict growth trends and crop yield, optimize energy usage and use predictive analytics to forecast resource utilization. It is hoped that the project will produce a sustainable horticulture system.

IoT test bed eases decision-making

“Working with Mnubo’s AI-driven IoT insights solution, as part of the IoT test bed, will facilitate proactive decision-making as well as enable new learnings from the greenhouse data. This partnership combines Yanmar’s extensive industry experience with Mnubo’s unique ability to create business value from sensor data — and jointly build the next-generation of horticulture systems,” said Mr. Masayuki Obayashi, Manager of Industrial Internet Group, Yanmar R&D Center.

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