Mocana and Gemalto Offer End-to-End IoT Security


The two companies will provide an end-to-end IoT security lifecycle management service, including interoperability between Mocana’s IoT security platform and Gemalto’s digital security products.

Mocana and Gemalto Offer End-to-End IoT SecurityIndustrial control systems and IoT security provider Mocana announced it is teaming up with digital security provider Gemalto, to bring connectivity, security and monetization to IoT deployments. The two companies plan to offer end-to-end security solutions for IoT lifecycle management.

The new offering will include the interoperability of Mocana’s IoT security platform and Gemalto’s digital security products in an effort to protect digital identities and data across endpoint devices, clouds and gateways. In its announcement Gemalto said its goal is to make building strong security into IoT devices and critical infrastructure simpler and more streamlines for manufacturers, service providers and businesses.

IoT Security ‘More important’ than ever

“Ensuring the safety and reliability of connected devices is more important than ever,” said Bill Diotte, CEO at Mocana. “Partnering with Gemalto will make it easier for device manufacturers and cloud providers to secure device identities, incorporate strong hardware-based roots of trust, and integrate proven cybersecurity software controls into applications embedded in IoT devices and critical infrastructure.”

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According to Mocana’s announcement, key features include the following:

  • Identity provisioning: device identity provisioning and management
  • Key and certificate management: key and certificate management for endpoints, gateway and clouds
  • Device integrity: advanced controls for secure boot and secure update to ensure device and supply chain integrity
  • Multi-factor authentication: capability to support multi-factor authentication across manufacturers, end users and service providers
  • Assured interoperability: validated interoperability of Mocana’s IoT Security Platform with Gemalto’s Safenet HSMs and Cinterion secure elements
  • Secure transport: secured communications for a wide range of industry standard networking protocols (cellular, LoRA, standard network transport protocols)
  • Security lifecycle management: key lifecycle management and crypto policies for the devices
  • Monetization: Capability to dynamically enable and disable billable device features and service capabilities based on business policies..


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