MultiTaction Rolls Out Real-Time Collaboration for Data Visualization


MT Canvus-Connect allows remote users to share, manipulate, draw and input information in real time wherever they are based.

MultiTaction has announced the release of MT Canvus-Connect, their new real-time collaboration software for data visualization and analytics. MT Canvus-Connect allows remote users to share, draw, input and manipulate data in real time. It enables multiple sources such as video feeds, smart device content, and web-based applications to run in parallel.

 “All large organizations would like to improve collaboration and they all share the same challenge, namely, how do you get colleagues to work in real time together across geographic locations,” said Jonathan Priestley, senior vice president of global marketing at MultiTaction. “We can do talking heads on video conferences which is much like a regular meeting with one person sharing fixed content with everyone else. This is not collaboration. Collaboration is about getting a better outcome by having the right people working together, ideally in the same room, but now thanks to Canvus-Connect you can get close to that by working together in real time.”

MT Canvus-Connect is an advanced visualization platform that allows organizations to access data faster for better decision making and increased productivity from data intensive projects using big data or advanced business analytics. An unlimited amount of data sources can be worked on by an unlimited amount of people in parallel.

It features an infinite canvas that is scalable and allows very large amounts of data to be displayed simultaneously, including images, videos, live feeds, remote PC connections and more. It also offers bring-your-own device, MS Office support, and split workplaces.

MultiTaction also makes large touch-display systems, so MT Canvus-Connect is designed with built-in compatibility with touch-enabled environments. It operates on both Windows and Linux environments and is easy to integrate with Microsoft Surface Hub and Cisco Spark.


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