Nutonian, Autodesk Join Forces for IoT Analytics With AI


They’ll combine artificial intelligence with the IoT to allow companies to automatically extract insights from IoT data.

Machine intelligence company Nutonian has entered an OEM relationship with Autodesk, the design software and services giant. Autodesk’s IoT cloud platform, Fusion Connect, will be embedded with Nutonian’s AI modeling engine, Eurequa, going forward.

Eureqa is designed to automatically analyze raw IoT data from connected machines and find the simplest possible predictive models, enabling users within an organization to solve data-driven business problems such as predictive maintenance and product design insights, the company stated. The platform has been used by Rio Tinto to find product manufacturing flaws in gobs of machine data, by NASA to reduce pilot fatalities, and by Performance Genetics to spot elite racehorses.

“IoT data is noisy and complex to analyze, which has limited its impact on business applications to date. We created Eureqa to overcome this challenge,” said Michael Schmidt, Nutonian’s founder and CTO. “The integration of Eureqa and Fusion Connect enables businesses to use IoT data to automatically predict and explain in real time why events happen, like equipment failure or maintenance. With scalable analysis and predictive foresight, businesses can optimize their operations and gain tremendous competitive advantage.”

For example, the company said, manufacturing companies can use Eureqa to create a baseline of how a piece of machinery can be expected to behave under normal conditions. If the sensors on the machine detect any deviation from that norm, Fusion Connect’s predictive analytics engine will generate real-time alerts and explain on the dashboard what the  problem is and what has generated it. These insights will enable customers to identify product flaws and forecast machinery maintenance needs before they result in costly downtime.

“As we continually enhance our cloud capabilities, the logical next step was broadening and deepening our IoT predictive and prescriptive solutions,” said Bryan Kester, director of IoT at Autodesk. “We evaluated the A.I. and machine learning ecosystem and found Nutonian has numerous, significant advantages that enable us to deliver a one-of-a-kind IoT analytics service.”

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