NVIDIA Announces Hybrid Cloud Program for AI Deployment


The unified approach taken by NVIDIA ensures that companies have support for AI initiatives through an end-to-end hardware and software suite.

Companies that are unable to use public cloud computing for AI initiatives will soon have a new alternative from NVIDIA. The AI Launchpad offers customers an on-demand AI solution designed to level the playing field for companies with specific needs.

The infrastructure to build – instantly

Built-in partnership with Enterprise IT, AI Launchpad offers end-to-end NVIDIA hardware and software stack. The platform will reduce the time to build by providing a set of tools for developers to build and deploy AI initiatives quickly. In addition, the cloud-native suite is supported and certified by NVIDIA to run on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA-Certified Systems. 

The platform offers security, allowing partners to roll out initiatives with a shorter time to ROI. It will offer the on-demand service as a subscription model. Organizations will move projects from development to production faster and allow companies without on-premises solutions to scale using systems powered by NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs and NVIDIA BlueField DPUs.

AI FleetCommand for AI at the Edge

In addition to Launchpad, FleetCommand offers managed, at-the-edge processing in real-time. Developers can add or delete applications, manage updates and installations, and monitor devices no matter how distributed.

NVIDIA’s unified approach ensures that companies have support for AI initiatives through the end-to-end hardware and software suite. Early adopters of the platform have used FleetCommand within the LaunchPad offering to root out inconsistencies within their supply and value chains and notify team members of any issues in real-time.

NVIDIA continues its AI mission

NVIDIA continues to offer new ways for companies to deploy AI with solutions that bring AI to all types of organizations. Launchpad is currently available with the FleetCommand subscription model, allowing companies to build and deploy AI models with greater security even if traditional cloud computing is off the table.

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