Con Edison Selects C3 IoT for Big Data and Predictive Analytics


C3 IoT’s platform is becoming a popular choice for large utilities seeking digital transformation.

C3 IoT has been selected by Con Edison, one of the largest utilities in the United States, and Orange & Rockland Utilities, to provide an analytics platform to assist in the companies’ digital transformation.

The partnership lets Con Edison, which provides power to New York City and Westchester County, to operationalize data from 5 million smart meter. Con Edison will ensure the health of the sensor network, as well as provide products and services that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The C3 IoT Platform will allow Con Edison and O&R to unlock business insights to reduce operating costs, deploy and monitor the smart meters, and improve customer experience, the company stated in their announcement.

“Con Edison and O&R have an impressive digital transformation plan,” said Ed Abbo, president and CTO of C3 IoT. “Together, we will harness the power of elastic cloud computing, big data, analytics and machine learning, and the Internet of Things to jumpstart Con Edison’s ability to realize operational efficiencies, better serve customers, and meet the challenges and opportunities of the changing energy industry with precision and accuracy.”

Con Ed and O&R will be able to collect and store massive amounts of data from many different sources including customer data, data from sensors and devices, and external data such as weather and traffic using C3 IoT’s big data and predictive analytics tools. The data will be kept in a single cloud-based image and use machine learning at scale and advanced analytics to provide real-time insights. The companies estimate data volumes will exceed 115 terabytes, growing by 104 gigabytes per day, from 480 million meter reads each day.

C3 IoT will also train Con Ed and O&R employees to adapt and develop new applications form the platform.

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Data from smart meters is increasingly being used by utilities for a variety of use cases: pinpointing outages on the grid to restore power faster to specific areas; as demand response to reduce energy use; prevention of energy theft; dynamic pricing based on time of use; and to assist in the planning of distribution grid assets. The C3 IoT platform in particular is becoming a popular choice among large utilities — the tech company’s customers include two of the world’s largest electric companies: Enel, based in Rome and ENGIE, based in France. C3 IoT sees use cases in the utility and energy sector as easily transferable to other industries such as manufacturing, aerospace and defense, transportation, and healthcare.

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