Perdue Flies with FourKites for Supply Chain Safety and Predictive Analytics


Chicken producer and processor Perdue has selected the FourKites platform to provide real-time temperature and location tracking for supply chain safety.

Perdue Foods, the major producer of poultry products in the US, say they’ve selected a supply chain safety and predictive analytics platform provider in FourKites, who will provide the chicken producer and processor with real-time temperature and location tracking for its supply chain.

“This investment in enhanced temperature monitoring and location tracking will further strengthen our commitment to customer service quality across our supply chain,” said Rich Hernandez, VP of Transportation and Warehousing, Perdue Foods.

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Perdue said it plans to use FourKites’ network of telematics devices to collect real-time data on the temperature of its refrigerated containers across North America via FourKites Temperature. If a shipment’s temperature falls outside of a safe range, an alert will automatically be triggered and sent to specified workers so they can take immediate action to prevent loss. Loss of perishable shipments is very costly and reduces customer confidence. FourKites’ location tracking will allow the company to know where their shipments are at all times and predict arrival times based on GPS data. The data will enable the company to alert customers and supply chain partners if a shipment is delayed or ahead of schedule.

The platform’s insights will also be used to determine how long drivers remain at delivery locations along with customer and carrier analytics to improve decision making and operational efficiency, increase on-time deliveries, improve customer service and make inventory management more efficient.

“Perdue Foods is committed to delivering the best possible experience for consumers, retail customers, and supply chain partners,” said Mathew Elenjickal, FourKites’ founder and CEO. “We are proud to be working with this third-generation family company that is embracing technology to continue its legacy of exceptional quality.”

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