Red Hat Pushing AI, Real-Time into Production


New NVIDIA pact, Gigaspaces certification, process automation expand enterprise toolbox.

Red Hat, Inc. and its partners continue to roll out new tools aimed at making it faster and easier for enterprises to bring AI, machine learning and real-time data analytics into their production environments.

New ownership by IBM, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, and the company’s new Fedora logo grabbed headlines at last week’s Red Hat 2019 Summit in Boston.

Expanding Developer Tool Boxes

Last week’s announcements also included information about the continued toolbox expansion of developers building smart and real-time systems.

Red Hat and NVIDIA

The two companies announced an expanded alliance to accelerate AI, ML, and data analytics adoption that includes an early access program for prospective customers. Although AI and ML have changed how companies do business, they present compatibility and workload support challenges.

This collaboration will enable the two companies to combine hardware and software to address the challenges and lay a solid foundation to drive data-driven innovation. The registry offers a diverse catalog of AI/ML and data analytics containers that run on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux foundation. The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform supports NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud and on-site.

In October 2018, Red Hat announced the certification of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on NVIDA DGX-1 systems. This plan gave enterprises tools to move GPU-accelerated workloads from experimental environments into production.

The companies have extended that certification to additional NVIDA-powered computing platforms, including certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux on additional NVIDIA-powered computing platforms, including NVIDIA DGX-2 AI systems and NVIDIA T4 GPU-powered systems.

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The company announced a key new Red Hat certification that will help simplify and accelerate analytics and ML on cloud, on- premise and hybrid environments.

“Obtaining real-time insights and acting on them within a critical time frame, at scale across an environment is a challenge for many enterprises,” said Yoav Einav, VP Product of Gigaspaces. The certification facilitates agile development, deployment and lifecycle management of InsightEdge applications across all environments.

InsightEdge customers can download the Operator from the Red Hat Container Catalog. The capabilities enable enterprises to apply domain-specific expertise to application development designed to automate processes and decision making.

Red Hat Process Automation

The latest announcements follow news about the newest Red Hat Process Automation. The latest release features new tools designed to address the the functional and knowledge gaps between IT professionals and business analysts.

The new functionality includes:

  • An integrated modeler for building Decision Model Notation (DMN)-compliant decision models
  • An editor specifically designed for creating case management models (currently in tech preview)
  • Test scenarios that enable users to define, test and validate decision models before moving them into production
  • Rule models compilable into an executable form and designed to improve start-up and execution times

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