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In this week’s real-time analytics news: The NSF and Amazon awarded about a dozen organizations $9.5 million for projects that seek to root out unfairness and bias in AI and ML.

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The National Science Foundation (NSF), in collaboration with Amazon, announced the 2022 recipients of the Program on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in Collaboration with Amazon awards. The 2022 awardees will receive up to $9.5 million in financial support. The teams have planned projects that involve rooting out unfairness and bias in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, developing principles for human interaction with artificial intelligence systems, theoretical frameworks for algorithms, and improving speech recognition technology so that it is accessible to broader populations. The awardees include:

NVIDIA announced NeuralVDB, which brings the power of AI to OpenVDB, a library for simulating and rendering sparse volumetric data, such as water, fire, smoke, and clouds. The introduction of NeuralVDB is a game-changer for professionals working in areas like scientific computing and visualization, medical imaging, rocket science, and visual effects. By reducing memory footprint by up to 100x, it allows creators, developers, and researchers to interact with extremely large and complex datasets in real time.

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observIQ announced the general availability of BindPlane OP (observability pipeline), an open-source observability pipeline built specifically for OpenTelemetry. Enterprise-ready BindPlane OP provides the ability to control observability costs and simplify the management of telemetry agents at scale while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Granulate, an Intel Company, announced the upcoming launch of its latest free cost-reduction solution, gMaestro, a continuous workload and pod rightsizing tool for Kubernetes cost optimization. Granulate’s gMaestro provides DevOps, SREs, and FinOps teams full visibility into their K8s clusters allowing them to eliminate over-provisioning and reduce costs.

Real-time analytics news in brief

Dynatrace announced it has extended its Application Security Module to detect and protect against vulnerabilities in runtime environments, including the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Node.js runtime, and .NET CLR. In addition, Dynatrace has extended its support to applications running in Go. With these enhancements, the Dynatrace platform provides real-time visibility and vulnerability analytics across the entire application stack, which includes custom code, open-source and third-party libraries, language runtimes, container runtimes, and container orchestrators. 

Veracode today announced the enhancement of its Continuous Software Security Platform with substantial improvements to its integrated developer experience. New features include extended integrations to support software composition analysis (SCA), a software bill of materials (SBOM) Application Programming Interface (API), and additional language and framework support for static analysis, further enhancing developers’ ability to secure software in the environments where they work.

Imagimob announced a new release of the Imagimob tinyML platform. The new release includes a forever free plan that will enable anyone to start developing tinyML applications. Users of the forever free plan will have access to the full functionality of the platform but will have a limitation in compute credits. The new release also includes improvements on the AutoML function for deep learning anomaly detection using autoencoders. With the improved support, developers can now build anomaly detection applications in less time and with better performance.

Verta announced it has added enhanced enterprise-focused capabilities to its MLOps platform. The new updates include additions to Verta’s native integration ecosystem and subsequent capabilities around enterprise security, privacy and access controls, model risk management, and the pursuit of responsible AI. These updates can improve ML model production time, an objective that furthers Verta’s commitment to solving challenges organizations face with running intelligent products in production in efficient and safer ways at scale.

BigID announced new capabilities to reduce risk by making it easy to lock down access to sensitive data in cloud file repositories like M365, Google Workspace, and AWS S3. Building on its existing data access intelligence and remediation capabilities in the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, BigID now adds full automated end-to-end remediation to ensure cloud data risk from open and over-privileged file access is quickly closed, preventing insider threats, data leaks, and dangerous breaches.

Kyligence announced that it has completed System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II certification, ensuring the company’s internal processes and controls for data security are in compliance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards. Kyligence completed SOC 2 Type I in 2021. The audit was performed by Ernst & Young, a third-party auditing office.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Neustar, a TransUnion company, announced the launch of Neustar Unified Identity natively on Snowflake Marketplace, offering customers the ability to execute advanced identity resolution across the Snowflake Media Data Cloud without data leaving the platform. Neustar developed the solution using the Snowflake Native Application Framework, currently in private preview, with the goal of providing joint customers the privacy-enhanced data hygiene, enrichment, and data collaboration capabilities they need to thrive in a privacy-first marketing world through the Neustar Unified Identity application.

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UiPath announced an enhanced partnership with Accelirate that introduces Accelirate’s go-to-market UiPath managed services practice, offering customers advantages such as lower total cost of ownership and turnkey automation that simplifies an organization’s implementation strategy. Specifically,  Accelirate’s RPA365 managed services of UiPath’s automation platform will allow businesses to deploy automation flexibly.

Anaconda announced a collaboration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to offer secure open-source Python and R tools and packages by embedding and enabling Anaconda’s repository across OCI Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services. Customers have access to Anaconda services directly from within OCI without a separate enterprise license.

Signal AI announced that it acquired KELP, the actionable platform for corporate reputation. The combination of Signal AI’s external intelligence data and KELP’s reputation insights will create a solution that empowers organizations to quantify the aggregate impact of all company actions and strengthen corporate reputation.

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