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In this week’s real-time analytics news: AWS announced the general availability of Amazon Security Lake, and numerous companies jump on the generative AI platform adding AI-assisted support to their solutions.

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Hitachi Vantara introduced Hitachi Data Reliability Engineering (DRE), a suite of consulting services helping organizations improve the quality and consistency of business-critical data. Amid a surge of data from connected devices and applications, organizations are challenged with increasingly complex data environments. Combining cutting-edge tools and proven DataOps processes, Hitachi DRE employs metadata engineering, data lineage, data cost optimization, self-healing mechanisms, and AI-driven automation to provide visibility, reliability, and resilience throughout the data lifecycle.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the general availability of Amazon Security Lake, a service that automatically centralizes an organization’s security data from across their AWS environments, leading SaaS providers, on-premises environments, and cloud sources into a purpose-built data lake. The solution allows customers to act on security data faster and simplifies security data management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

In other AWS news, the company announced a new serverless option for AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) that automatically sets up, scales, and manages migration resources to make database migrations easier and more cost-effective. AWS DMS is a managed migration and replication service that has helped customers migrate more than 800,000 database and analytics workloads to AWS quickly, securely, and with minimal downtime.

NVIDIA announced NVIDIA Spectrum-X, an accelerated networking platform designed to improve the performance and efficiency of Ethernet-based AI clouds. The solution tightly couples the NVIDIA Spectrum-4 Ethernet switch with the NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU. NVIDIA claims the solution offers 1.7x better overall AI performance and power efficiency, along with consistent, predictable performance in multi-tenant environments.

Real-time analytics news in brief

ArangoDB announced the GA release of ArangoDB 3.11 to accelerate its performance across search, graph, and analytics use cases. ArangoDB 3.11 includes performance improvements for ArangoSearch, ArangoDB’s natively integrated full-text search and ranking engine, as well as new functionality to its web interface, to simplify the database’s operations.

Couchbase announced a broad range of enhancements to its Database-as-a-Service Couchbase Capella. The newest release of Capella will be accessible by the popular developer platform Netlify and features a new Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension, making it easier for developers and development teams to build modern applications on Capella, streamline their workflows, and increase productivity.

CrowdStrike introduced Charlotte AI, a generative AI cybersecurity analyst that democratizes security and helps users of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. Utilizing high-fidelity security data that is continuously improved through a tight human feedback loop, Charlotte AI lets customers ask natural language questions – in English and dozens of languages – and receive intuitive answers from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

Dataiku unveiled Dataiku 12, its latest release packed with new features designed to help organizations confidently harness AI in their advanced analytics initiatives with enhanced transparency and strengthened governance features. The new features include OpenAI GPT integration, causal Machine Learning (ML), Universal Feature Importance, model overrides, model risk project views, and more.

Domino Data Lab announced new capabilities as part of its Summer 2023 release that make its platform a faster, more economical, and more responsible way to build and operate enterprise AI. It also announced expanded AI cloud offerings that bring the convenience of a fully managed platform to hybrid cloud enterprises and life sciences organizations.

Exasol unveiled its new analytics database, which delivers more productivity, savings, and flexibility for enterprises to better manage data in the cloud, SaaS, on-premises, or hybrid. With Exasol, customers can run analytics anywhere their data lives, with no need to move data sets. With the latest enhancements, Exasol seamlessly integrates with any data stack and analytics ecosystem and dynamically scales to accommodate even the most complex data sets. announced the general availability (GA) of its new Alert Recommendations capability in the Open 360 platform. Alert Recommendations employs AI to model the steps of platform users as they carry out their work, using that input to recommend alert response steps during subsequent investigations. Based on a supervised machine learning model, this new capability is now available to Open 360 users in GA.

One AI announced BizGPT, a tool that equips businesses of all sizes with the ability to swiftly deploy a unique, intelligent conversational assistant. BizGPT integrates with diverse content sources, including knowledge bases, Github repositories, multimedia content, websites, customer service chats, and a range of documents, including financial reports, salary slips, or invoices. The product ensures accurate, context-sensitive responses, providing source references to uphold transparency.

PagerDuty announced it is bringing its first three generative AI-supported capabilities to the PagerDuty Operations Cloud. The capabilities include AI-generated status updates that use AI to process all data related to an incident to auto-generate a summary, AI-generated incident postmortems once an incident is resolved, and AI-generated process automation.

Precisely announced a series of innovations to its data quality portfolio. Enhancements include Precisely Spectrum Quality, now offering expanded editing, visualizing, and interactive capabilities for situations that require a single view of data; Precisely Trillium, now offering improved connectivity for Trillium Quality and Trillium Discovery customers; and Precisely Data360, now integrating Data360 DQ+ with Spectrum OnDemand.

Predibase announced the general availability of its platform, adding new features for large language models and introducing free trial editions. The Predibase platform enables developers and data scientists alike to build, iterate, and deploy sophisticated AI applications without the need to learn how to use complex ML tools or assemble low-level ML frameworks quickly and easily. Teams simply define what they want to predict using Predibase’s cutting-edge large AI models, and the platform does the rest.

Partnerships, collaborations, and more

Accenture has acquired Nextira, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Partner that uses AWS to deliver cloud-native innovation, predictive analytics, and immersive experiences for its clients. These services and solutions will bolster Accenture Cloud First’s set of engineering capabilities and help clients take advantage of a full continuum of cloud capabilities and tools.

Aporia announced a partnership with Databricks allowing organizations to unify their data, analytics, and AI. The strategic partnership will provide seamless ML Observability to customers using Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform, AI capabilities, and MLflow offerings. With Aporia, Databricks customers can now monitor their ML models in production without duplicating any data from their lakehouse or any other data source.

Automation Anywhere announced it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring intelligent automation and generative AI innovations to market. Leveraging Amazon SageMaker JumpStart and Amazon Bedrock, Automation Anywhere will offer customers a greater choice, flexibility, and reliability for their generative AI deployments.

C3 AI announced that C3 Generative AI is now available on the AWS Marketplace. Adding C3 Generative AI to the AWS Marketplace accelerates the procurement and onboarding process, enabling customers to rapidly access C3 AI and AWS’s combined Generative AI expertise in just a few clicks.

Clearwater Analytics and J.P. Morgan Asset Management today announced a strategic partnership that will integrate Clearwater with the MORGAN MONEY global trading platform, allowing permissioned users to easily navigate between both systems. The joint solution will make it easier for financial professionals to make real-time investment decisions on the Clearwater and Morgan Money platforms. 

Datometry announced a partnership with Databricks to accelerate the transition of enterprises from classic data warehouse technology to the lakehouse. To that end, Datometry has joined the Databricks Technology Partner Program to offer customers a validated integration with Databricks. Additionally, with Datometry, enterprises can move their business as-is without having to rewrite or redefine application code.

New Relic announced an integration with the newly launched Amazon Security Lake. With this integration, New Relic customers can access and monitor their Amazon Security Lake security log data and events in New Relic. That allows users to leverage New Relic’s platform security capabilities, such as vulnerability management, to remediate security incidents.

Tech Mahindra and WalkMe announced a partnership to accelerate the digital transformation journey of enterprises. Together, WalkMe and Tech Mahindra will enable global enterprises to measure, drive, and realize the value of software investments and digital transformation strategies through efficient, effective, and sustained adoption of digital technologies.

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