Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending March 13


New capabilities added to HPE GreenLake cloud services, Florida Atlantic University opens a center for connected autonomy and AI, and more.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here are some of the news items from this week:

Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science recently unveiled its Center for Connected Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence (CCA-AI), a center designed to accelerate the development of innovative artificial intelligence and autonomy solutions. The center includes a team of experts in AI and real-time operational stage monitoring – all of which are based on software-defined, continuously self-optimized joint communication/computing platforms.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a series of updates to its HPE GreenLake cloud services portfolio, as well as new capabilities and partnerships. The updates include:

  • New HPE GreenLake cloud services for virtual machines, containers, and bare metal management with scalable, modular entry points specifically tailored for mid-market businesses, starting at 100 VMs and increasing to 600 VMs.
  • New agreements with ALSO Group, Arrow Electronics, Ingram Micro Inc., Synnex, and Tech Data that expand the market reach for HPE GreenLake Cloud Services by integrating HPE GreenLake in their online marketplaces.  HPE has also expanded its colocation partnership with CyrusOne and collaboration with digital infrastructure provider Equinix to simplify the cloud experience for joint customers.
  • A new simplified billing experience on HPE GreenLake Central that enables partners to deliver a cloud experience to their customers faster and more seamlessly.
  • Enhanced features to the HPE GreenLake for Aruba offering, part of the HPE Partner Ready for Networking Program, tailored to partners seeking to shift to an as-a-service selling model while helping end customers achieve a higher return on networking investments.

Astera Labs announced an expanded focus to address system-wide performance bottlenecks in data-centric applications. The new Aries Compute Express Link (CXL 2.0) Smart Retimer portfolio (PT5161LX, PT5081LX) for low-latency connectivity is the first solution representing the company’s expanded mission. The CXL 2.0 interconnect is designed for AI and ML applications that require purpose-built accelerators to work side-by-side with general-purpose CPUs on the same motherboard or within the same rack while sharing a common memory space. The CXL 2.0 interconnect enables such cache coherent system topologies.

Exabel announced the launch of the new “Exabel Insights Platform” product for alternative data vendors. The Exabel Insights Platform supports a value-added insights creation, presentation, and monitoring layer and is powered by Exabel’s Al analytics, financial modeling, and data science toolset. Data vendors use the platform to first discover valuable insights in their datasets, then demonstrate that value to prospective customers in easy-to-create report cards, and finally deliver a new Insights product.

Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, announced enhancements to Flow, Boomi’s low-code workflow automation service. It now offers support for multicloud and hybrid cloud deployments to enable cloud agility with built-in protection for sensitive data. With these new enhancements to Flow, businesses can increase the value of customer, employee, and partner relationships by delivering trusted engagement, fast. Architected for easy synchronization and a minimal on-premises footprint to avoid future migration challenges, Flow supports data control and security with deployment flexibility and the ability to run apps from private clouds while leveraging the design convenience of a cloud-native workspace.

Senet, Inc. announced a collaboration with Murata to certify the operation of the Firmware Updates Over-the-Air (FUOTA) capabilities of the Murata Type 1SJ LoRaWAN modem module with the Senet LoRaWAN network server. Through this integration, Senet has certified the secure and reliable remote multicast delivery of firmware images to end-devices developed with the Murata Type 1SJ LoRaWAN modem module to be compliant with the technical recommendations of the LoRa Alliance and fully operational on the Senet network. This collaborative integration helps future-proof LoRaWAN solution deployments, ensuring that sensor-enabled IoT end devices built using the Murata module will operate at maximum efficiency on Senet’s IoT network. announced a deal with the Israeli Department of Labor, which will be using to help flatten the national unemployment curve. The company’s Talent Intelligence Platform is built to address the shifts in the global workforce due to a number of factors including automation. With such trends, skill requirements are rapidly changing, skills gaps are widening, and organizations and people are scrambling to keep up. uses AI and Machine Learning to help organizations upskill, retrain, and place professionals in new roles.

Automation Anywhere announced the introduction of Automation 360, a new brand for the company’s unified, cloud-native, AI-powered enterprise automation platform. The updated AI-powered cloud platform helps businesses build, deploy, manage, and scale intelligent software bots, whether attended or unattended. Specifically, Automation 360 helps robotic process automation efforts by delivering process discovery, digitization, automation, and optimization capabilities on a single, integrated platform.

Cloudleaf announced that Qualcomm Technologies has chosen Cloudleaf’s Digital Visibility Platform as part of its new Logistics-as-a-Service offering which is part of the Qualcomm IoT Services Suite. The Cloudleaf solution will provide a logistics service that incorporates Qualcomm Technologies’ components, as well as Cloudleaf’s Digital Visibility software to enable an end-to-end view of the supply chain. The Cloudleaf solution will drive adoption and utilization of hyper-scale cloud, digital twin, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technologies within the supply chain.

K2View announced the general availability of K2View’s new Data Privacy Management (DPM), a flexible workflow and data automation solution to streamline the fulfillment of any current and future data privacy regulatory requirements. K2View DPM is built using K2View’s patented micro-database technology, providing enterprises with instant and secure access to all the data they have about any customer. The solution provides one-click automation to orchestrate the collection, updating, or purging of that data across all source systems. K2View DPM combines flexible and intuitive Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) workflow management with regulation-specific templates, auditing, and reporting capabilities.

Vertica and Dell EMC announced the general availability of Vertica in Eon Mode for Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), offering data-driven organizations more freedom to leverage cloud for analytics. Vertica in Eon Mode for Dell EMC ECS provides organizations with operational simplicity and workload isolation to meet ever-stringent SLAs and business objectives. Dell EMC ECS provides customers with the flexibility to deploy object storage as an appliance-based solution or in a software-defined model to fit the performance and financial requirements of organizations. Together, Vertica in Eon Mode and Dell EMC ECS give companies a consistent platform for analytics across all their environments, whether their data resides in the cloud or on-premises, or in a hybrid architecture.

IFS launched IFS Cloud, a single platform that innately connects all its products to deliver the end-to-end capabilities a company needs to orchestrate its customers, people, and assets and deliver Moments of Service. Customers can choose to deploy best-of-breed or leverage the power of connecting their value chains across capabilities such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), asset management (EAM), and field service (FSM). With IFS Cloud, IFS offers a single technology platform with one common user experience, one data model, and one consistent support offering. By implementing IFS Cloud, companies can easily scale and simply switch on new functionality (such as additional modules or new innovative capabilities) when the time is right for their business. 

HVR announced its availability within the Snowflake Data Cloud through Snowflake’s Partner Connect. HVR enables Snowflake customers to continuously integrate high volumes of SAP and essential business data into Snowflake’s platform, making it accessible for real-time analytics that inform strategic business decisions. The expanded partnership offers Snowflake customers a two-week trial of HVR, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate HVR’s cloud data replication technology with their Snowflake accounts.

Real-time analytics news in brief:

IBM and EGYPTAIR Tourism and Duty Free Co. announced a new agreement in which the airline will leverage IBM Cloud to scale and modernize EGYPTAIR Duty Free back-end operations and host its SAP Travel Retail System.  By adopting IBM Cloud, EGYPTAIR will also leverage IBM Watson Assistant to create an AI virtual agent to help transform their travelers’ shopping experience.  

Domo announced a new native integration with Snowflake. With Domo for Snowflake, Snowflake serves as Domo’s analytics engine. Customers can retain the existing logic they’ve already applied to their data in Snowflake while using Domo’s BI platform to make that data more accessible and actionable for anyone across the business.

Jio Haptik Technologies Limited announced a strategic collaboration with Zendesk Inc. to help businesses transform customer experience and combine AI-driven automation with human-powered empathy. With this integration, Haptik can act as the frontline of customer service to automate answering routine queries and improve first-response time for businesses that use Zendesk’s integrated customer support software. 

Sumo Logic announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire DF Labs S.p.A. The acquisition will extend Sumo Logic’s cloud-native SIEM solution to help reduce or eliminate manual tasks and empower SOC teams to accelerate threat detection, analysis, incident response, and forensic investigations.

Dataiku and UAVIA announced a collaboratively developed, fully-automated solution for training and deploying machine learning models for edge computing on drones. The solution lets industrial operators deploy neural network models on drones powered by UAVIA’s embedded intelligence, leveraging Dataiku to build and train models while automatically converting and optimizing them for use in any UAVIA Inside drone.

AMPD Ventures Inc. announced a ‘Machine Learning Cloud’ initiative designed to cater to the requirements of academic institutions and companies in the AI, machine learning, and deep learning sectors. The platform will feature AMD Instinct accelerators along with the AMD ROCm open software platform.

Deci announced a broad strategic business and technology collaboration with Intel to optimize deep learning inference on Intel Architecture (IA) CPUs. As one of the first companies to participate in the Intel Ignite startup accelerator, Deci will now work with Intel to deploy innovative AI technologies to mutual customers.

Arrow Electronics announced HPE GreenLake cloud services are now available via its ArrowSphere cloud marketplace as pre-configured and pre-priced offers through the Swift Sales Program. ArrowSphere helps simplify the delivering hybrid cloud solutions while providing business intelligence for operations.

C3 AI and Infor announced a strategic alliance where Infor will market, license, and deploy C3 AI prebuilt solutions to Infor customers under the Infor brand. The initial focus will be on predictive maintenance of IoT systems with the goal of providing a proactive maintenance strategy within Infor’s EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) solution.

Accedian announced that its cloud-native performance monitoring and analytics platform, Skylight, will include new decryption technology to ensure end-to-end visibility on encrypted network traffic. The technology supports all Transport Layer Security versions, including TLS 1.3, allowing customers to maintain the privacy and security of encryption while still gaining valuable insight into network traffic for performance monitoring and threat detection.

Qlik announced new capabilities to help businesses get more use and value from their SAP data. The new capabilities include a unified SAP connector that helps Qlik’s analytics platform to better leverage SAP data for analysis in any SaaS or client-managed environment. Qlik also introduced the first in a series of SAP-focused data and analytics solution accelerators that speed the ROI of integrating SAP data with modern analytics projects. ​

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