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In this week’s real-time analytics news: IBM Watson Assistant got new AI and automation capabilities to enhanced CX, the DOE announced funding for research into using AI and ML to manage complex systems, and more.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here are some of the news items from this week:

IBM  announced new AI and automation capabilities in IBM Watson Assistant designed to make it easier for businesses to create enhanced customer service experiences across any channel. This includes a new collaboration with IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service provider, to set up and test a voice agent and a new agent app designed to enable a seamless hand-off to a live agent while maintaining the conversation’s context. With the new features and capabilities, IBM Watson Assistant can now:

  • Add voice capabilities to Watson Assistant
  • Help customers resolve issues on first contact with Watson Assistant Search Skill
  • Facilitate a seamless hand-off with the new agent app

In other IBM news, the company announced the IBM Power E1080 server, the first in a new family of servers based on the new IBM Power10 processor, designed specifically for hybrid cloud environments.

Columbia Universityannounced it will launch a $25 million AI-based climate modeling center. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Learning the Earth with Artificial Intelligence and Physics (LEAP) center will work with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) to develop the next generation of data-driven physics-based climate models. The center’s larger goal is to provide actionable information for societies to adapt to climate change and protect the most vulnerable. 

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced it will provide $16 million for advanced research in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for both scientific investigation and the management of complex systems. The funding will support two sets of projects. The first set focuses on the development of ML and AI for predictive modeling and simulation for research across the physical sciences. The second set of projects focuses on basic ML and AI research for decision support in managing complex processes.

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) announced it will be the first to market with VMware’s software solution for the edge running on its ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Servers. The solution will be delivered to customer edge sites with the VMware software pre-loaded on its servers. Lenovo also announced enhancements to its Lenovo Open Cloud Automation management software to automate the planning, deployment, and ongoing management of datacenter cloud deployments to edge sites.

Teradata announced that Vantage is now able to operationalize externally created predictive models, also known as model sharing or BYOM. This supports Teradata’s strategic analytics framework called Analytics 1-2-3. By leveraging this new functionality, Analytics 1-2-3 provides Teradata customers with an easy way to create and operationalize any number of models on any data volume in near real time.

Toppan has leveraged virtual reality (VR) and computer vision (CV) technologies to develop TransBots, a digital twin solution that makes it possible to centrally manage and control multiple robots of different types. TransBots links real-world spaces at exhibitions and venues with replica VR spaces in real time and enables centralized management and coordinated control of multiple robots.

ADLINK Technology Inc. released EVA SDK, an edge vision analytics software that lets users build point-of-concept AI-enabled machine vision solutions within two weeks. EVA SDK includes a no-code graphical user interface (GUI) and support for 10+ types of cameras, field-ready plugins, ONNX runtime, TensorRT, and OpenVINO for fast AI inference validation.

Dynatrace announced it was enhancing its strategic partnership with Microsoft with the introduction of the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform on Microsoft Azure as a SaaS solution and natively in the Azure portal. With the Dynatrace platform available on Microsoft Azure as a SaaS solution, users will get all the benefits of Dynatrace’s underlying cloud-native, web-scale architecture while operating entirely in the Azure cloud.

Sumo Logic and IBM announced the availability of Sumo Logic’s Continuous Intelligence Platform on Red Hat Marketplace, the open cloud marketplace for enterprise customers that offers a simpler way to buy and deploy certified container-based software. Sumo Logic will offer its cloud-native security and observability solutions for companies running on the Red Hat OpenShift platform, helping them to deploy faster and achieve insights into their cloud and hybrid infrastructures, applications, and services.

Provectus announced the release of UI for Apache Kafka v0.2, with new features including support for switching read direction of topic messages, running KSQL queries directly from UI, and producing messages on Kafka topics. These new features enable developers to efficiently monitor data flows and find and troubleshoot issues in data while delivering optimal performance.

RiskBusiness Services Limited announced the availability of a GDPR Equivalency Checker feature as an integral component of its Graci governance, risk, audit, and compliance solution. The new feature automates the compliance assessment process and is targeted at companies that need to comply with the “Schrems II” personal data privacy shield legislation that comes into effect on September 27, 2021. 

Real-time analytics news in brief:

Mendix, a Siemens business, announced its new, expanded digital ecosystem and the extension of its All-in-One Low-Code Platform with Industry Clouds. This brings together industry best practices, reusable templates, industry partners, customers, and a vibrant developer community for each key industry.

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announced the availability of the Anbox Cloud Appliance in AWS Marketplace. This appliance allows developers a quick and easy prototype and production process for building Android apps in the cloud. In other news, Canonical announced Advantech, a provider of intelligent IoT and automation technology, is now certified on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Ubuntu Core 20. 

DataSwitch and Innovative Routines International (IRI, The CoSort Company) have partnered to create an end-to-end, multi-featured metadata and data engineering environment to convert legacy data and ETL tools, create and orchestrate data integration jobs with AI, mask PII, and wrangle data in business-friendly ways for analytics.

Berkshire Grey has partnered with Advanced Handling Systems (AHS) to help companies address labor shortages and logistics challenges straining the supply chain. The partnership combines AI-enabled robotic automation and system design and integration services to deliver next-generation warehouse robotics.

Cobalt Iron announced a new user-configurable API integration with ServiceNow. The integration means that the Cobalt Iron Compass enterprise SaaS backup platform now communicates directly with ServiceNow’s digital workflow platform, leading to a more efficient issue-resolution workflow.

Red Kubes, creators of Otomi, a Kubernetes-based Operating System, today announced that the Otomi self-service features of the paid Enterprise Edition are now free of charge. In addition to making the self-service features free of charge, Red Kubes also released a Helm Chart install for Otomi, making it much easier to install.

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