Real-time Analytics News Roundup for Week Ending August 8


In the news this week: Sumo Logic enhances its Observability suite, partnerships abound to bring real-time analytics and AI to more businesses, and more.

Keeping pace with news and developments in the real-time analytics market can be a daunting task. We want to help by providing a summary of some of the items our staff came across each week. Here is a short list of some news from this week:

Sumo Logic announced it has broadened the Sumo Logic Observability suite, powered by its Continuous Intelligence Platform™, with new and expanded solutions to provide enterprises with a unified view of real-time analytics across application and infrastructure logs, metrics, traces, and metadata. New additions to the suite include the Sumo Logic AWS Observability Solution and the Sumo Logic Software Development Observability Solution, along with new tracing capabilities added to its existing Microservices Observability Solution. These new and expanded solutions further position Sumo Logic as the intelligence layer for modern application and cloud environments to drive a unified view of real-time analytics across operations, security, business, and customer use cases

Micro Focus announced the general availability of ArcSight 2020, featuring a new unified layered analytics platform and user interface that simplifies holistic threat detection. With these new capabilities, the latest version of ArcSight now provides Security Operation Centers (SOCs) with an end-to-end intelligent enterprise security operations platform while reducing resource drain. This new ArcSight update follows Micro Focus’ recently announced acquisition of ATAR Labs to provide full Security Operations and Automation Response (SOAR) to all ArcSight customers. Going forward, as part of the ATAR Labs’ integration into ArcSight, ATAR Labs’ capabilities will also be incorporated into ArcSight’s layered analytics platform to further simplify the end-to-end user experience.

Emtec, Inc. announced it entered into a partnership with Yellowbrick Data to help clients unlock the value in their data. By utilizing Yellowbrick Data’s hybrid cloud data warehouse, Emtec will expand the value of its enterprise data lake services and strategic business intelligence solutions to help clients scale up their data analytics capabilities with speed and agility. With data-intensive organizations becoming more reliant on data analytics to drive business transformation, a robust, cloud-enabled data warehouse is essential for quick access, seamless data processing, and faster time to insights. The partnership will enable Emtec to deliver Yellowbrick’s powerful hybrid cloud data warehouse to achieve all this and more. The synergy of the two offerings will help accelerate Emtec’s client’s digital transformation journeys.

Samasource announced the launch of AI Bias Detection, a solution that helps to detect and combat systemic bias in artificial intelligence across various industries. Samasource trains and validates machine learning models by combining software with a directly managed workforce, making it effortless for individuals and companies to receive high-quality and accurate data at rapid rates. AI Bias Detection offers detection, reporting, and correction capabilities.

Genpact and Deloitte announced a strategic alliance to offer comprehensive solutions to help organizations scale and optimize critical business operations, drive speed to outcome, deliver business transformation to enhance competitive growth, and build resilience in an uncertain future. The alliance will deliver a number of tangible benefits to clients that can be leveraged quickly to help them accelerate their digital transformation journeys, with an emphasis on mission-critical services in areas such as finance and accounting, supply chain, and procurement. Enabling clients to focus on their core strengths, the alliance will help deliver increased enterprise value without them having to build or run the solutions themselves. It will also provide access to domain depth and knowledge in the latest technologies like digital, cloud, and artificial intelligence while optimizing process expertise. announced native integration of NVIDIA multi-instance GPU (MIG) technology to its data science platform. This integration follows the release of the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU and NVIDIA DGX A100 system, and’s certification for the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program as an AI workflow solution. is amongst the first ML platforms to integrate NVIDIA’s new MIG feature, which expands the performance and value of each NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU across one or more DGX A100 systems. Each MIG instance is fully isolated with its own high-bandwidth memory, cache, and compute cores. Now administrators can support every workload, from the smallest to the largest, offering a right-sized GPU with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) for every job, optimizing utilization, and extending the reach of accelerated computing resources to every user.

Cyxtera launched its Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) compute-as-a-service offering to deliver datacenter platform capabilities enabling AI-powered workloads. Leveraging the NVIDIA DGX A100 system, this new offering provides enterprises greater agility and faster deployment with a flexible OpEx model, avoiding the need for large capital outlays and over-provisioning. Cyxtera’s solution powered by NVIDIA DGX A100 offers the simplicity and ease of the cloud, with the deterministic performance of dedicated infrastructure. This new, flexible infrastructure model leverages point-and-click provisioning via the company’s data center services exchange. Customers will also have direct access to a rich ecosystem of service providers and technology solutions, including Storage as a Service (StaaS), interconnectivity, and security, among other managed services.

Truera launched its technology solution that removes the “black box” surrounding Machine Learning (ML) and provides intelligence and actionable insights throughout the ML model lifecycle. The platform is already deployed at and delivering value to a number of early Fortune 100 customers in banking and insurance. Truera’s Model Intelligence platform has been designed from the ground up to solve black-box problems. Truera’s AI.Q technology – the basis for its platform – performs sophisticated sensitivity analysis that enables data scientists and non-data scientists to understand exactly why a model makes a prediction.

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