Rivetz Joins Alliance for Blockchain-Based IoT Solutions


Rivetz joins the Trusted IoT Alliance, an organization with the goal is to standardize an open-source blockchain protocol.

Rivetz Corp. has announced it is now a member of the Trusted IoT Alliance, an open-source software organization that supports adoption of a secure and interoperable IoT ecosystem. As a member, they will work with Fortune 500 companies and startups to develop and support the blending of blockchain and IoT.

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“Rivetz looks forward to contributing to industry initiatives in order to bring enhanced device security to blockchain applications,” said Steven Sprague, founder and CEO of Rivetz.  “Known devices in known conditions, whether protecting digital assets or creating or consuming provable data, are a fundamental capability to ensuring trust in decentralized applications.

He added that the firm “engaged with the Trusted IoT Alliance because we believe it is the most appropriate forum to advance these types of capabilities in the blockchain community, working with the organizations who have a vested interest in ensuring the security of the entire ecosystem.”

The alliance’s goal is to increase interoperability and interworking with a blockchain-agnostic philosophy. They work with companies to establish standards, certification and business opportunities, including registering IoT devices, creating event logs on decentralized systems and creating an ecosystem that brings together cryptographic registration, identities, and metadata.

Rivetz offers the RvT cybersecurity token that provides security controls for IoT, blockchain, legacy financial transactions and cloud authentication. It allows multifactor authentication across devices and leverages the technology already built into millions of devices. The token ensures that keys and transactions cannot be altered or stolen by any means.

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