Scrappy: Sicon Brings Real-Time Analytics to Steel Recycling


Ecoscan Online enables steelmakers to access real-time analytics on recycling shredded scrap, a common component of steel manufacturing.

Shredded scrap metal can help steel plants optimize loading intervals and reduce tap-to-tap times, resulting in improved performance and reduced energy consumption. Using shredded scrap sourced through recycling also helps steel plants reduce their consumption of products like refractory material and electrodes.

Despite this, many steel plants are not taking advantage of all those benefits. A major concern is quality. Copper levels in shredded scrap have been steadily increasing over the last three decades. The shredding process is supposed to remove it but the results are not consistent. High copper content sharply reduces the usefulness of the scrap.

Sicon believes their new EcoScan Online is a solution. It’s a cloud-based analytics platform that is designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing plant operations and can also be retrofitted. It analyzes chemical composition and density in real time. Users can access average values for that day or the whole month. This lets them get insights on long-term trends for better decision making and improved shredded scrap.

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EcoScan Online is based on fluorescent technology and has the latest XRF multi-element sorter technology to deliver quantitative data quickly and accurately. It sends data to a control display and any deviations from parameters the user sets will trigger an alert, and the shredder discharge conveyor automatically puts the shredded scrap in a separate container for evaluation. Users can then add additional feed material to balance out high copper content. This saves money and decreases production times.

EcoScan online is built to work with Sicon’s ScrapTuning solution, which automates the removal of any impurities EcoScan may find from shredded scrap. This lets them pre-treat to meet quality requirements.

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