Smart Wine Bottle: Another IoT Gadget


Kuvee Smart Bottles feature a full-color touch screen that displays the wine label, food pairing options, and ordering.

The IoT has come to the retail wine industry, courtesy of a new startup company called Kuvee. The company has produced the Kuvee Smart Bottle, an Internet-connected device that works with special canisters of wine also produced by the company.

The smart wine bottle system, in which the canisters slide inside the bottle, allows wine to be consumed by the glass without degrading the flavor by using a special one-way valve that doesn’t let air enter the bottle, the company stated. When done, the user can just eject the canister and add another. A full-color touch screen on the bottle displays the wine label, as well as food pairing options, and also provides online ordering capabilities, and Kuvee says the prices will be the same as in stores. There’s also a mobile app for iOS. Each canister promises to keep the wine at peak flavor for up to 30 days.

The company is currently taking pre-orders via Indigogo and has met 99 percent of their goal. They said the bottle will be available in October in select markets with 50 wines to chose from, and become more widely available in December. Partners include Bonny Doon, B.R. Cohn, Pine Ridge, Round Pond, Girard, and Schug.  Interested wine lovers can get a smart bottle and four wines for $199, according to the Kuvee website.

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