Special Report: IoT Analytics — From Data Integration to Actionable Intelligence


IoT projects typically have three challenges: data integration, data quality, and actionable analytics. Here’s how companies can overcome those hurdles.

At its core, digital transformation with the Internet of Things involves making better, faster business decisions.

Today it is possible to connect machine sensors or industrial equipment to the internet and combine that information with a business database or application. Real-time analysis of integrated data can yield benefits in areas such as predictive maintenance, supply chain management, marketing, sales, or energy management.

A business that wants to achieve such insights needs to overcome three challenges: data silos; missing or incorrect data; and ineffective analytics. In this special report from RTInsights and Information Builders, you will learn:

  • How to deal with enterprise data integration, and examples where integration has yielded enormous business benefits.
  • How to avoid pitfalls of data quality, filtering, and enrichment.
  • How data can be presented in the right way to the right decision-maker.
  • Business success stories using IoT analytics for operational intelligence.

Click here to access the report.

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