Spyrus Touts Military-Grade Encryption for IoT Devices


New IoT security modules released.

Spyrus, Inc., a provider of hardware encryption and authentication solutions for the government and enterprise sectors, announced on March 21 the launch of a new family of Rosetta security modules designed for the IoT, mobile, and connected automobile markets. The modules come in a variety of form factors and run the company’s  Cryptographic Operating System (SPYCOS).

“The family of hardware, software, and supporting development kits includes several variants in variants in ISO 7810 Smart Card and USB device form factors as well as the latest Rosetta microSDHC,” the company stated in their announcement.

Use cases for IoT devices could include defense against cyberattacks, vehicle communications, security for sensitive infrastructure such as power grids, machine-to-machine data storage, and any IoT device that requires absolute authentication, the company’s announcement stated.

All Rosetta hardware includes built in smart card functionality that protects all keys with tamper-proof hardware; an onboard digital ID that when active is automatically available for VPN access; multifactor authentication; and encrypted email, the company’s announcement added.

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