Stanley Healthcare and InterSystems Team Up to Bring the IoT to Healthcare


InterSystem’s interoperability platform will now support integration for Stanley Heathcare’s staff workflow and patient flow solutions.

InterSystems, a healthcare tech company, and analytics provider Stanley Healthcare announced they are teaming up to bring the IoT to the healthcare industry.

Stanley’s AeroScout Real-Time Location System (RTLS) platform lets hospitals to visualize the location and status of patients, staff and equipment. Through a new partnership with InterSystems, hospitals can use that data with clinical information systems and for advanced use cases including patient flow and staff workflow. Hospitals will be able to integrate the data into electronic medical record (EMR) and lightweight directory access protocol systems. By using EMR to RTLS integration, processes can be streamlined and human error reduced, both companies stated.

“Everyone can appreciate the need for massive, intelligent information flow in hospitals and healthcare – it is literally a matter of life or death. But few people understand just how complicated it is to keep that flow going,” said InterSystems Vice President of HealthShare, Joe DeSantis, in the announcement. “The Internet of Things is not just about connecting devices, but also people, organizations, and communities.”

EMR integration will also allow automatic admission, updating and discharge of patients within AeroScout, and will automatically assign RTLS badges when patients check in. This assures accurate patient info within the system. When this data is enhanced with EMR data, the patient’s journey (staff assignment, room assignment, visit times) is documented— AeroScout automates the process and provides context. This results in improved patient experience and staff flow, the company explained.

Additionally, the integration between AeroScout  and a hospital’s LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) system enables staff information to be similarly automated and documented. Accurate lists of staff members can be kept within AeroScout for the patient flow and work flow applications as well as applications such as hand hygiene compliance monitoring and staff assist.


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