TechStars Announces New Industrial IoT Accelerator


Focus is on artificial intelligence, smart cities and homes, health, farming, and other industrial sectors.

Tech investment company TechStars announced on April 11 that they’ll be opening a new industrial IoT accelerator based in NYC. The accelerator will be run with the help of partners PwC, GE, Bosch, SAP and Verizon.

The company said the accelerator will focus on industrial IoT and connecting the infrastructure of business and industry. A 16-week program is planned starting in September that will connect industry leaders with a specially chosen group of start ups.

 “We are looking for startups that are positioned to rewire the infrastructure of the future with specific emphasis on software and artificial intelligence, connected enterprise, smart cities and energy, advanced manufacturing, health and wearables, logistics and automotive, VR, AR, drones and robotics, agriculture, and the connected home,” the company stated in a blog post on their website.

 Last year the company hosted a similar accelerator in NYC called the RG/A Accelerator. It started out focusing on consumer facing ideas such as collision detection software for drones but shifted to a business-to-business focus. That program eventually became TechStars IoT.

 Alumni from previous accelerators includes Revolv (which offered a smart home hub and is now owned by Nest); Owlet (which makes baby monitors); Astro (smart home gadgets); and Sphero (smart toys). The new accelerator will operate out of Barclays Rise, located in New York City’s Flatiron district and home to the Barclays financial technology accelerator. There are ten spots available and Techstars is taking applications until July 10.


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