Striim Debuts a More User-friendly, Feature-filled Platform


Striim’s leading real-time data integration and streaming analytics platform just launched its version 3.8 with some big upgrades.

A company that offers leading real-time data integration and a streaming analytics platform, Striim, Inc., just shared that it has launched version 3.8 of the Striim platform.

This newest version provides a more user-friendly platform for streaming integration and SQL-based stream processing abilities for Apache Kafka. Its latest features include multi-threaded delivery into Kafka, along with an improved reader for Kafka, allowing for improved performance and productivity. Its cloud integration function is also enhanced with the capability to collect real-time data from Amazon S3 and integrate real-time data into Azure HDInsight and Amazon Kineses.

An Easier Platform to Use

Apache Kafka users can leverage the Striim platform to constantly gather real-time data from enterprise databases, sensors, logs, and message queues, and analyze data in-flight, without coding, before sending enriched and transformed data to Kafka, all within milliseconds.

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The new platform utilizes multi-threaded delivery with automated thread control and data distribution within one Apache Kafka Writer, supporting high-throughput environments with simpler scalability and tremendous performance enhancements to optimize a many-core single-node architecture.

Alok Pareek, co-founder and EVP of Products at Striim, explains, “Many Apache Kafka users among the Fortune 500 use Striim technology to provide high throughput real-time integration for cloud adoption and data lake construction. Striim’s in-memory SQL streaming analytics capability allows for preprocessing, visualization and analysis of data that’s moving through Kafka queues. The enterprise-grade nature of the Striim platform helps reduce complexity with data delivery guarantees with high performance, security, reliability, and manageability in production environments. With the release of 3.8, Striim offers unique features that make streaming data ingestion and SQL-processing on Kafka significantly faster and easier.”

With a focus on cloud integration throughout a vast range of cloud environments, this new Striim release allows users the opportunity to integrate real-time data directly into Microsoft Azure HDInsight to support Hadoop and Kafka implementations on Azure. Furthermore, Amazon customers can read information gathered from AWS S3 to share with on-premises systems and various other cloud applications in real time, and feed data into AWS S3 more quickly and at-scale, leveraging new multi-threaded delivery with automated thread control.

Regulation Ready

Users can also search streaming data and compare real-time and historical data without the need for coding. Finally, Striim has also shared that the new platform supports pseudonymization for GDPR compliance. The platform provides many data privacy initiatives such as real-time auditing capabilities and data masking, in order to facilitate compliance with the impending EU regulations.

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