Striim Offers Metered Solutions for Streaming Data With Microsoft Azure Cloud


Streaming hybrid cloud ensures uptime of continuously running applications.

Striim, Inc has announced the release of version 3.7 of it’s end-to-end real-time data integration and streaming analytics platform. The new release is touted as making real-time, hybrid cloud integration easier and simplifying application management on streaming data. Several hybrid cloud integrations with Microsoft Azure are now available as well as dynamic schema evolution for improved app-to-database management.

“Many of our customers are increasingly adopting real-time cloud-based solutions. Striim enables them to rapidly deploy hybrid cloud solutions with continuous data movement from on-premise systems to the cloud. We are the only vendor to offer multiple metered solutions for streaming data integration and analytics on the Azure Marketplace,” said Alok Pareek, EVP of products at Striim. “We’ve added numerous platform enhancements such as support for schema evolution and DDL propagation.”

The company has made two new apps available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. “Striim for Real-Time Integration to SQL Database” is said to simplify real-time gathering and moving of data from a variety of on-premises sources including enterprise databases. The app offers in-flight processing before the data is loaded in SQL for full context transactional and analytical processing.

“Striim for Data Integration to Azure Storage” offers the same tools as the SQL app and also allows Azure Blob Storage and Azure File Storage customers to quickly build streaming data pipelines that can support any application or big data analytics platform that uses Azure Storage, including Azure HDInsight.

The new release also includes Microsoft HDInsight on Azure and Azure Event Hubs integration. Striim says they will be available on the Azure Marketplace in the near future. The company has also introduced Schema Evolution, which they claim will enable businesses to evolve their schema or make DDL changes with no affect to related apps for an uninterrupted integration pipeline. Auditing of schema changes is also added for compliance needs.

According to the company, additional new features include:

  • Striim’s Exactly-Once Processing has been enhanced for additional target components.
  • New Interval Reporting of streaming data, combined with existing stream introspection capabilities, help customers better troubleshoot problems and report on business intervals.
  • Replication enhancements include new Era Tracking functionality that allows companies to track streaming metadata into eras to support recovery through schema evolution.

The platform can be downloaded at


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