RTInsights Submission Guidelines

and Template for Case Studies

Download as a PDF file here: RTInsights.com Submission Guidelines and Template for Case Studies as of June 8, 2015

RTInsights seeking contributors(Word counts are for general guidance only)

1. Working Title (2-10 words)

Tell the reader what to expect (e.g., “Enabling Real-Time Inventory Management”).

2. Name of Organization

Also, if available, list contact information (which will not be published).

3. Industry

4. Location

5. Business Opportunity or Challenge Encountered (100-200 words)

Provide a brief statement on what pain points needed to be addressed or what new ventures were being pursued (e.g., “XYZ Company needed greater visibility into its in-stock product to better manage spikes in orders.”). Also, how was this opportunity or challenge specific to this particular industry?

6. How This Business Opportunity or Challenge was Met (250-500 words)

What was or is unique about this approach? Summary how you went about it: include relevant technology solution(s) brought in and organizational changes made to accommodate solution(s). Also, specify how long the implementation took in terms of total elapsed time and approximate number of person-months.

7. Challenges in Implementing This Technology or Solution (200-400 words)

Cite issues encountered (e.g., organizational inertia, tight timelines, older technology or unexpected changes in business requirements).

8. Measurable/Quantifiable and “Soft” Benefits from This Initiative (200-400 words)

Cite ROI measures (e.g., direct impact on sales, revenues, customer churn, etc., as well as costs versus benefits: did these benefits exceed the initial investment?). In addition, cite the non-quantifiable benefits gained as a direct result of the solution(s). For example, improved communication, better customer relations, improved collaboration and/or improved employee morale.

9. Lessons Learned and Advice (250-500 words)

Summarize the knowledge gained from this experience and provide advice for those readers seeking to undertake a similar effort. Were there assumptions that did not pan out as the project progressed? Were there variations from the original plan? Were there unexpected benefits or upsides that were not originally anticipated?


If you have any questions about these Submission Guidelines for Case Studies, please contact Joe McKendrick, RTInsights Industry Insights Editor, at [email protected]. Thank you!

***Last updated on June 8, 2015

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