Sumo Logic Updates and Enhances its Analytics Platform


The new analytics features include a new cloud SIEM solution, new open platform APIs, search templates and a new global intelligence service.

Sumo Logic has announced several new features that will be added to its analytics platform. The new features include a new cloud SIEM solution, new open platform APIs, search templates and a new global intelligence service for machine learning.

The cloud SIEM is designed to democratize security analytics and break down legacy silos using new cloud models that include DecSecOps. It delivers native elastic scale for on-demand analytics and flexible deployments which can enable new workflows including collaborative and scalable. Upstream DevSecOps models can be linked to downstream security operations for a solid and flexible cloud scale defense. It integrates out of the box with Amazon Web Services (AWS) GuardDuty, Carbon Black, CrowdStrike, Fastly, Okta, OneLogin, Palo Alto Networks, zScaler and more for increased visibility and threat response.

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“By operating one of the most sophisticated pure-cloud services in the world over the past eight years, and now serving 50,000 plus users, Sumo Logic is quickly becoming the data steward for modern businesses,” said Ramin Sayar, president and CEO, Sumo Logic. “And we are just getting started. The innovations announced this week at Illuminate, extending the value of our machine data analytics platform, are squarely focused on serving the growing use cases and people powering modern business. Sumo Logic, delivered and consumed as a service, is the engine for faster decision making to thrive in the analytics economy.”

Sumo Logic also announced a new global intelligence service designed to extend machine learning and insights across the enterprise. According to the company’s announcement, use cases for the new global intelligence service include:

  • Sumo Industry Insights – Sumo Logic’s ‘State of Modern Applications and DevSecOps in the Cloud’ report, now in its third year, provides an unparalleled view into how the world’s most innovative companies are adopting the latest application technologies.
  • Sumo Community Insights – Sumo Logic is introducing Sumo Community Insights, which will deliver the industry’s first real-time operational and security insights leveraging machine-learning powered algorithms that uncover global key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) from the Sumo Logic user community. This will allow organizations to benchmark and compare their own technology decisions and performance against the leading adopters of modern application stacks. This initiative will inform customers in every part of their development, production and security lifecycles to optimize costs and efficiencies. Example use cases include choosing the right cloud services for their unique needs, benchmarking system and application performance and analyzing trends and anomalies across peers.
  • Sumo Data Science Insights – Sumo Logic is announcing a new open source integration with Jupyter and Apache Zeppelin notebooks that empowers data science teams to build and train machine learning algorithms and models using valuable machine data extracted by the Sumo Logic platform.

The company is also rolling out enhancements designed to assist with operational analytics and optimize IT operations and infrastructure. They include new open platform APIs, new search templates designed for users outside of IT and engineering who can now use SumoLogics analytics without needing to know the query language, and automatic rollups for logs to metrics to give users the ability to extract business KPIs from logs and convert them to metrics.

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