Business Intelligence, Big Data Salaries Stay Strong


Tech Target’s 2015 survey shows that business intelligence and Big Data salaries are strong, and reports high satisfaction with job outlooks.

Tech marketing company Tech Target has released its annual IT Salary and Careers survey, and it revealed that those in the business intelligence and Big Data fields are feeling good about their futures.

Average base salary was $120,446 for the 114 respondents who said their primary job focus was BI and big data, 20 percent more than the average of $100,333 for all 1,548 who responded to the survey. Add bonuses and their salaries rise to 25 percent more, according to Tech Target.

Around 53 percent of BI and big data folks said they had received a raise this year, and 45 percent got a bonus. Each figure was higher than that of the non-BI and Big Data professionals folks who responded to the survey.

Money isn’t the only reason BI professionals are so happy: Approximately 68 percent said they are happy in their careers and have no plans to make any changes; 39 percent reported an optimistic mood in their departments; and 41 percent said their staff had increased from year before. An article about the survey can be found here.

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