Vapor IO Launches Vapor Edge


The Vapor Edge is an end-to-end platform for building out edge environments for the IoT, autonomous driving, and other use cases.

Vapor IO has announced the availability of Vapor Edge, their end-to-end IoT and edge environment platform.

Vapor IO is designed for cloud operators, real-estate companies, telcos and other industries working to build out the next-generation cloud, the company stated in a Nov. 16 release.

For the last decade, the cloud “has been dominated by large, centralized data centers. But there is an emerging class of applications—including IoT, virtual and augmented reality, and mobile apps—where centralized data centers simply won’t work because compute, storage and network capacity must be near the application or device,” said Cole Crawford, co-founder and CEO of Vapor IO. “With Vapor Edge, we’re paving the way for a truly decentralized data center and enabling cloud computing at the edge.”

Vapor Edge puts cloud capabilities right at edge, speeding up interactions and reducing loads on centralized data centers. It enables IoT sensors and other equipment in remote and harsh environments to share data even in areas with low connectivity.

The platform analyzes data locally and sends only the most important insights to the central server. For use cases such as virtual reality and autonomous driving, Vaper Edge enables operation at scale, allow each micro-data center to respond to nearby devices almost instantly, the company stated. Operators are able to construct highly automated command-and-control polices to optimize workloads in edge environments, and make real-time decisions including rescheduling workloads to different machines, nodes or data centers.

Vapor Edge is made up of three key components for remote operation and workload management. The first, Vapor CORE, enables operators to remotely monitor and control their edge environments. Vapor Compass lets them create automated command-and-control policies and Vapor Chamber enables operator to build out the physical environment for their Vapor Edge platform. It consists of a circular racking system for servers and is designed for use in hostile environments.

Vapor Edge is available now for 2017 deployments.

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