Verdigris Announces IoT Solution for Large Commercial Buildings


A cloud-based sensor and smart meter system offers predictive maintenance and energy use controls.

Verdigris, a company that provides artificial intelligence software for smart buildings, has announced the launch of their newest energy platform, Einstein.

The platform provides a continuous stream of real-time data that Verdigris analyzes, leading to insights designed to reduce energy consumption to save money.

“Einstein makes it easy to know what’s happening inside your building in real time, down to a single appliance,” Verdigris CEO Mark Chung said in an announcement. “We put hard-earned money back into our customers’ pockets each month by predicting forecasts of utility, weather and energy data, and automating the reduction of their most inefficient energy operations.”

Each of Einstein’s sensors streams millions of samples per second from a facility’s electrical panels into the cloud via 4G-LTE connectivity. The Verdigris artificial intelligence (AI) engine then analyzes the data to automatically optimize climate controls, generate forecasts on when and where maintenance may be needed, and send real-time alerts about the building’s energy use — for example, if there is an outage or an unusual spike in demand.

The energy consumption data and predictive analytics generated by the platform are instantly accessible via both a web-based and mobile app dashboard. Weekly reports are sent via email with energy statistics and progress reports regarding customer-set goals.

Einstein is currently in use by a number of popular hotel chains and Verdigris hopes to expand its reach soon.


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